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Supreme Court Weighs Corporate Liability in Human Rights Cases

The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday, weighing whether victims of abuses overseas should have the right to use US courts to prove ... tags: abusecorporationscourtshuman rightsMarcia Coylenational law journaloverseas

UN Human Rights Council opens with calls to uphold freedoms worldwide

United Nations, New York, February 2012 - As the current session of the main United Nations human rights body began today, senior officials ... tags: GenevahumanHuman RightsNaviPillayPolitical Freedomrights

Mosaic News - 02/24/12: Tunisian President Opposes Saudi Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels

Tunisian president opposes Saudi 'excellent idea' to arm Syrian rebels, worshippers prevent Israeli settlers from breaking into al-Aqsa ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBaba AmrBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/27/12: Yemen's Saleh Formally Steps Down

Yemen's Saleh formally steps down after 33-year reign, Syria approves new constitution as main opposition body splits, tension escalates ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBahrainBashar al-Assad

UN focuses on curbing sexual violence in conflict as new report names worst offenders

United Nations, New York, February 2012 - The annual United Nations report documenting conflict-related sexual violence around the world ... tags: conflict-relatedCouncilhumanHuman RightsMargotNationsrape

Mosaic News - 02/22/12: Ethiopian and Somali Troops Seize Key Al-Shabab Stronghold

Ethiopian and Somali troops seize key al-Shabab stronghold, violence in Syria kills prominent citizen journalist and two foreign ... tags: AfghanistanArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadBaba AmrBahrain

Mosaic News - 02/23/12: Wave of Deadly Attacks Kills over 50 in Iraq

Wave of deadly attacks kills over 50 people in Iraq, world leaders gather in London to discuss Somali issues, Saudi forces arrest ... tags: Afghanistanal-ShababArab LeagueArab SpringArab WorldAssadAwamiyah

Dramatic video: Disabled cop it in Bolivia

Protesters in Bolivia have clashed with police in the country's capital during a demonstration by disabled people demanding that the ... tags: 100-day protestbolivia disabledBolivia policecopsdramatichandicapped protestheroic

The Story Behind "I'd Have You Anytime" by Evan Rachel Wood

Mini-documentary about the recording of the song composed in 1968 by George Harrison Bob Dylan - featured on the album Chimes of Freedom ... tags: Across The UniverseAmnesty InternationalBeatlesBob DylanChimes Of FreedomClayton CameronConcert For Bangladesh

Foxconn Analysis

02/22/12 Apple has been in the news recently regarding poor working conditions in their manufacturing plants, specifically ... tags: analysisapplechinafair labor associationfoxconnhuman rightsmichael sherlock

Arun Gandhi urges practice of nonviolence, personal peace

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi, delivered the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture Feb. 13, ... tags: ethicshuman rightsphilosophypoverty

Potential Palatial Development at Loch Lomond

The ancient Druids who lived here before were most powerful.. Their energies encompass the Doctor along with third party Missile and Laser ... tags: ActivismAnnouncementAnnouncementsAssesawakeningBrayBullocks