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HRW lashes out at Israel for harassing rights group

The Human Rights Watch said in a recent report that the Israeli military has imposed severe restrictions and penalties on Addameers staff, ...

Cruel crackdown in Bahrain

The unrest in Bahrain has gripped this tiny Persian Gulf country since a 2011 uprising demanding democracy, reforms and more share in the ...

HRW accuses Syria opposition of crimes against humanity,...

Human Rights Watch is accusing opposition forces in Syria fighting to defeat the Assad regime of committing crimes against humanity. The ...

HRW urges India to probe Kashmir killings

Urging the Indian government to hold an independent inquiry into the fresh Muslim killings Human Rights Watch has criticized the role of ... tags: EastHRWIndiaKashmirkillingsMiddleProbe

Siria: Hrw "centri di detenzione sono arcipelago della...

'La Siria ha fatto della tortura una politica di Stato contro i civili'. la denuncia di Human Rights Watch che accusa il regime di Damasco ... tags: arcipelagocentridelladetenzioneeuronewsHrwSiria

La ONG HRW revela 27 centros de tortura en Siria

Las atrocidades cometidas por el rgimen sirio siguen horrorizando al mundo. 'Archipilago de tortura', un informe de la ONG Human Rights ... tags: centroseuronewsHRWONGrevelaSiriaTortura

HRW denuncia Chávez

A organizao Human Rights Watch afirmou nesta tera-feira que a concentrao do poder no Executivo tem permitido ao presidente venezuelano, ... tags: CHAVEZChávezdenunciaHRWVENEZUELAVOTO

Alerta da Human Rights Watch sobre a Venezuela

Em carta presidente Dilma Rousseff, entregue nesta sexta-feira, a organizao internacional Human Rights Watch afirmou que o ingresso pleno ... tags: AlertaCHAVEZHRWHumanHUMANOSRightssobre

Côte d'Ivoire : HRW dénonce une justice à deux vitesses

Al Qarra - Dans un peu plus dun mois, la Cte dIvoire clbrera les deux ans de linvestiture dAlassane Ouattara. Pour certains observateurs, ... tags: AfriqueAlCôted’IvoireHRWQarratv

Côte d'Ivoire : La primature dément les accusations de HRW

Al Qarra - Le Premier ministre Daniel Kablan Duncan a vivement ragit aux accusations portes par Human Rights Watch. Dans un rapport paru ... tags: AfriqueAlCôted’IvoireHRWQarratv

Aung San Suu Kyi continued silence on plight of Rohingya's Muslims

In Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi continued silence on the plight of Burmas Rohingyas Muslims sparking concern that how Noble Peace Prize is a ... tags: BurmacommunityCrackdowngallowayGeorgeHRWIslamic

Rohingyas : HRW accuse le Myanmar de "nettoyage ethnique"

Human Rights Watch accuse le Myanmar d'orchestrer une campagne de nettoyage ethnique contre la minorit musulmane apatride des Rohingyas.... tags: accuseBirmaniedeDroitsethniqueseuronewsHRW