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How Do I Know I'm Using the Right Exercise Form?

It's often the little things during an exercise that can make the biggest difference. Instead of risking joint pain or a pulled muscle, ... tags: Back_PainCorrect_FormExerciseExercise_EquipmentFitness_TipsGym_EquipmentHealth_and_Fitness

Is Cooling Down After a Workout Really Necessary?

Cooling down after your session is just as important as warming up prior to it. You don't want to be left dizzy with muscle injuries, now ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBest_Time_to_StretchCardio_WorkoutCool_DownDizzyExerciseFaint

How Important is Stretching?

How important is stretching before and after your workout The answer truly depends on who's asking. Watch this video to find out just how ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBack_PainCardio_WorkoutDynamic_Drills:_Ask_a_TrainerExerciseExplosive_ActivityHealth_and_Fitness

The Right Way to Stretch

Curious as to just how important it is for you to stretch and which stretches work best Watch this for a quick tip tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBack_PainCardio_WorkoutDynamic_Drills:_Ask_a_TrainerExerciseExplosive_ActivityHealth_and_Fitness

What's One Exercise Most People Do Wrong?

Some exercises are harder to master than others, but the bench press get messed up more often than any other exercise. Poor form can cause ... tags: Back_Painbench_pressBench_PressesChest_StretchesExerciseExercise_EquipmentFitness_Tips

When is the Best Time to Stretch?

Is is better to stretch your muscles before or after a workout Knowing the right answer can help you prevent injury. Watch this video to ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutathleteBack_Painbench_pressBest_Time_to_StretchCardio_WorkoutChest_Stretches