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How to Saddle a Horse Western Style

A trail ride sounds like fun, right Put on that saddle and let's get going. tags: Horsehorsebackhorseback_ridingHorse_careHorse_Jockey_TipsHowcastriding

How to Buy a Pony

Matching a pony to a young ride is greatly simplified if you follow the tips given here. tags: BuybuyingforHorsehorse_buyingHorse_careHow

How to Buy a Horse Saddle

Buying a saddle for your horse is next in importance only to buying the horse. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. tags: Buyingbuying_horse_gearchoosingforHorseHorse_carehorse_gear_tips

How To Make Your Horse Happy

A how to lesson on How To Make Your Horse Happy that will improve your horses skills. Learn how to get good at horses from Videojug's ... tags: andhorsehorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLife

How To Clean A Stable

Looking for a educational resource on How To Clean A Stable This invaluable bite-size tutorial explains exactly how it's done, and will ... tags: andhorsehorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLifestable

How To Deal With Horse's Hooves

Watch How To Deal With Horse's Hooves from the leading how to video provider. This advice video will give you step-by-step instructions to ... tags: andhorsehorse_anatomyhorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLife

How To Remove A Mane

Watch How To Remove A Mane from the leading how to video provider. This instructional video will give you useful instructions to make sure ... tags: andhorsehorse_anatomyhorse_careLeisureLifemane

How To Do Horse Care

Have you ever wanted to get good at horses. Well look no further than this educational resource on How To Do Horse Care. Follow Videojug's ... tags: andcarecutcuttingfeetfoothoof

How To Groom Your Horse

VideoJug and certified instructress Marylyn McEwan present a detailed guide on how to groom your horse a fully, until he gleams. Not only ... tags: andhorsehorse_anatomyhorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLife

How To Apply A Horse Tail Bandage

VideoJug shows you how to apply a bandage properly to a horse's tail, whether for travelling or for it's health, here is a perfect way to ... tags: andbandagehorsehorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLife

Tips For Keeping Your Horse Happy

VideoJug have combined expertise with British Horse Society Certified instructress Maylyn McEwan to provide you with a great guide to keep ... tags: andhorsehorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLife

How To Muck Out A Stable

This simple guide will show you how to do a full muck out so your horse remains safe, warm and injury free in his stable. If a dog is a ... tags: andhorsehorse_carehorse_managementLeisureLifestable