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Boxing Deer Takes Down Cowboy

This deer knows how to smash When a cowboy challenges a deer to a fight, the deer gets on his hind legs and boxes the cowboy until he runs ... tags: AnimalbeatboxingcowboyDeerfailfight

Interview Beth Jeans Houghton and the hooves of destiny, Rory Gibson - Blog United States of Paris

Meet the voice of the year 2012 Beth Jeans Houghton and her musician Rory Gibson, one of The Hooves of destiny.You know her ... tags: bethdestinyfemmeshooveshoughtoninterveiwjeans

The Wild Chef: A Whitetail Butchering Tip

Field Stream's Wild Chef David Draper shows off this quick tip for breaking down a deer leg without a saw. It's as easy as find a tendon, ... tags: butchingCuttingdeerDoeDraperfoodhooves

Save Derpy

Most of you most likely already know the situation, but for those who don't, visit for information.Music dialogue a direct link to the ... tags: derpyfriendshiphooveslittlemagicPeoplepony

Trimming to the Anatomy of the Toe Part 3

This is part 3 of three videos that shows how to map to determine how long your horses toes are and how long they should be. The object is ... tags: barefoot trimmingdressageEquestrianequinefarrierhoofhoofcare

Trimming to the Anatomy of the Toe Part 2 of 3

This is part 2 of 3 videos on Toe Mapping to find where your toe should be anatomically to be correcty for the health of the hoof. tags: barrel rachingdressageequestrianequinefarrierfounderhoof

Trimming the Hoof to the Anatomy of the Toe Part 1 of 3

In order to ever have truly healthy hooves the hoof capsule must fit anitomically to the anatomy of the inner foot. This video described in ... tags: barefoot trimmingbarrel racingdressageequestrianequinefarrierhoof

Meme-ception 2

The Sequel that broke the Internet. Created with 'Macromedia Flash MX' All of my movies can be seen at See the first ... tags: animatedanimationannoying orangearrowavastavast your assbadger

Lesson's from the Hoof, Trim Clips 5

This episode focuses on understanding horn tubules and how they affect the hoof. Why you need to map the hoof to find the toe length, and ... tags: barefoot trimmingequinefarrierfounderhoofhoofcarehooves

Pinkamena Diane Pie's Sweet Pareidolia (1080p HQ) (Link in Description!)

I just made this song about 20 cooler. Immerse yourself into Pinkie Pie's insanity with a ponified version of Elena Siegman's song 'My ... tags: ApplejackBroBronieBronyCelestiaCupcakesDerpy