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New law complicates home remodeling

A new California law that requires homeowners to change plumbing fixtures during a remodel is catching many by surprise. tags: California_lawhome_fixtureshome_plumbinghome_remodelMike_Luerynew_lawsaving_water

Home Renovations-Divine Home Staging and Decor

Why settle for home sweet home when you can make your home divine Divine Home provides project management services for home renovat... tags: divine home Home Improvement home remodel home reno home renovation canada home renovations house flipping

A Huge Surprise Home Makeover!

Ellen surprised two deserving audience members with one of the biggest surprises yet a 100,000 home makeover from HGTVd tags: $100000_home_make_overhgtvhomehome_improvementhome_makeoverhome_make_overhome_remodel

5 Ways to Save on Home Remodeling

Simple tips to help you save money when remodeling your home. tags: Businesshomeshome_priceshome_remodelhousingNews_Politics

Master Bedroom Interior Design

This unique master bedroom suite includes an upholstered headboard, cozy reading area, desk for writing, and a built-in breakfast bar with ... tags: BedroombedroomMasterbreakfast_bardanny_lipfordDesigndiy_home_renovationhome_improvement

Simple Jig for Hanging Pictures in Your Home

Heres a simple jig you can make yourself to allow you to hang a picture exactly where you want without the need for a level or measuring. tags: danny_lipforddiy_home_renovationforHanginghang_picture_jighome_improvementhome_remodel

How to Replace Gutter Spikes with Gutter Screws

Replacing gutter spikes with steel gutter screws provides a more secure alternative that prevents them from pulling loose or sagging. Heres ... tags: danny_lipforddiy_home_renovationGutterhome_improvementhome_remodelHome_RepairsReplace

How to Smooth Out Caulking

Home improvement expert, Danny Lipford, explores how to go about smoothing out various types of caulking for a perfect bead. tags: beadcaulkcaulkingdanny_lipforddiy_home_renovationhome_improvementhome_remodel

How to Replace Worn Weather-stripping Around Doors

Home improvement expert, Danny Lipford, shows you how to replace worn or damaged weatherstripping around exterior doors to save money on ... tags: Arounddanny_lipforddiy_home_renovationDoorshome_improvementhome_remodelHome_Repairs

How to Caulk and Seal Around Windows and Doors

Gaps around windows let heated and cooled air escape and increase your energy bills. See some easy tips for how to caulk and seal gaps and ... tags: AroundCaulkcrackdanny_lipforddiy_home_renovationDoorsgap

Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Find out how to perform simple routine maintenance on your water heater that can make it last longer and keep small problems from turning ... tags: cleandanny_lipforddiy_home_renovationdrainHeaterHeaterHothome_improvement