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Home Appliances Videos - 4 by Popular

How To Install a Thermostat

Getting a pro to replace a broken thermostat can be costly, but if you pay close attention, you can learn how to replace it yourself. tags: getHome_AppliancesHome_Maintenance_TipsHowHowcastinstallinstalling_new_thermostat

How To Install a Hanging Lamp

Upgrade your light fixture and install a new hanging lamp following these basic steps. tags: fixtureHanginghanging_lamp_safetyHome_AppliancesHowHowcastInstall

How to Use a Drill

A brace drill consists of a head, crank, crank handle, ratchet mechanism, and chuck. Here's how to put one to use. tags: BraceDrillDrillHowdrilling_tipsHome_AppliancesHowHowcast

How To Unclog a Garbage Disposal

When your garbage disposal clogs, dont rush out and call a plumber. There may be simple methods for dealing with the problem. tags: CleanDisposalDisposalHowGarbageGarbage_Disposal_Cleaninggarbage_disposal_maintenanceHome_Appliances

How to Bleed a Heating Radiator

Does banging in the pipes sound like someone's running a sledge hammer Try this easy do-it-yourself fix. tags: air_conditioning_tipsBleedingdiyfixingHeatingheating_tipsHome_Appliances

How to Use a Framing Square

You don't have to be a professional carpenter to use a framing square. Even if you're a carpentry hobbyist, the tool can come in handy. tags: Carpentry_BasicsCorrectlyCreateCutFramingframing_squareHome_Appliances

How to Buy Appliances

If a little extra cash has you thinking about updating your appliances, this guide will help you find that perfect new washer, stove, or ... tags: applianceappliance_deals_tipsbuyingBuying_applianceschoosingchoosing_home_appliancesdeals

How To Start a Fire in a Fireplace

Longing for the coziness of a fire Follow these tips for a safe and successful experience. tags: FireFireplaceHome_AppliancesHowHowcastKindlingLighting

How to Clean a Hair Dryer Filter

Learn to clean your hair dryer filter. You'll extend the life of this handy tool and you'll save money. tags: bathroom_appliances_tipsCleaningcleaning_bathroom_appliancescleaning_dryerCleaning_Home_AppliancesDryerFilter

How To Safely Clean a Garbage Disposal

Does your kitchen smell like a landfill Try these simple steps to clean out the culprit. tags: Cleancleaning_garbage_disposalDisposalGarbageHome_Applianceshome_maintenancehome_safety_tips