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Herman Videos - 2 by Popular

Cain down in polls, struggles with Libya question

CBS News political director John Dickerson speaks to Erica Hill about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's stumble over a ...

Protecting Herman Cain

Herman Cain's campaign has asked for and received Secret Service detail after many threats. Bob Orr reports.

Herman Cain ribbed on Letterman's "Late Show"

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain appears on 'Late Show with David Letterman.'

Cain calls accusers liars

Herman Cain again denied sexual harassment allegations against him, on 'The Late Show with Dave Letterman.' Betty Nguyen reports.

Is it going to be Romney or Gingrich?

Russ Mitchell, Amy Holmes and Leslie Sanchez discuss who could be the potential GOP candidate for the 2012 election.

Herman Cain: On the defensive, again

CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reports on the latest accusation against Herman Cain - this time from a woman who claims ...

Cain to decide fate after meeting with wife

CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford reports on the latest developments in the Herman Cain campaign following several claims of ...

Herman Cain: What's the next step?

Whether Cain continues his bid for the presidency will soon be answered. Cain has scheduled a press conference where he will announce his ...

Herman Cain to decide campaign future

After numerous sexual harassment allegations and the uncovering of a 13-year affair, Herman Cain is reassessing his run for Republican ...

Impact of Cain's departure

CBS News political director and Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein discuss the current status of the Republican presidential race in light ...

Herman Cain: An animated, "Fast Draw" profile

The 'Early Show' anchors take a look at Herman Cain's performance in the latest CBS News poll. Also, 'Team Fast Draw' Josh Landis and Mitch ...

Christie says no to White House bid; Cain surges in polls

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie announces he will forgo a run for President while businessman Herman Cain ties with GOP front-runner Mitt Romney ...