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Scott Rants Bruce The Cop Herbet The Geek

I'm going to be bringing back and keeping Bruce The Cop and Herbet The Geek. These are characters I played in the past and they do need to ... tags: Bruce_The_CopCraighead_ProductionsHerbet_The_GeekScott_CraigheadScott_RantsUpdateVlog

Herbet And Scott Debate - Devil May Cry 4 Nero

Was Nero From Devil May Cry 4 really necessary Did It ruin your DMC4 experience with the tricky of Devil May Cry 4's Nero Was it the same ... tags: DanteDevil_May_Cry_4DMCDMC4Herbet_The_GeekNeroRaiden

HTG - Broken PS4

Herbet The Geek gets a broke PS4 that just keeps blinking and blinking He calls Sony to figure out the problem and goes a bit over the edge ... tags: Blue_Blinking_LightBrokenCraighead_ProductionsHerbet_The_GeekHTGPlayStation_4PS4

HTG - The Need For Speed Movie

Herbet The Geek talks on the new The Need For Speed movie. He thinks its going to be awful oh gawd is it going to be bad tags: Craighead_ProductionsForHerbet_The_GeekHTGMovieNeedScott_Craighead

HTG - Thor The Dark World

Herbet The Geek talks on the new Thor The Dark World movie He liked all the lightning but he didn't like Captain American at all tags: CameoCaptain_AmercianDarkHerbet_The_GeekHTGTheThor

HTG - Final Fantasy XV or XIII Versus

Herbet The Geek can't take the waiting any longer for the new Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Whatever they are calling ... tags: Craighead_ProductionsFantasyFFXVFinalFinal_Fantasy_VXHerbet_The_GeekHTG