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Afghan Man Cusoff Wife's Face

In a horrific crime in Afghanistan on Friday, a man cut off the lips and nose of his wife. Just because he wants more money from his wife ... tags: AfghanistanGeorgette_GagnonHerat

Taliban Insurgents Attack US Consulate in Afghanistan

The American consulate in Herat has been attacked, and the Taliban is claiming responsibility to several media outlets.

KINGDOM HEARTS chain of memories W.T 1: le manoir Oblivion

1er partie de KINGDOM HEARTS CHAINE OF MEMORIES sur mulateur

Taliban Rebels Surrender

A total of 10 Taliban rebels surrendered to the government in western Afghan province of Herat on Saturday. Powered by ... tags: AfghanistanAhmadAzizHeratMullahtaliban

Eight NATO Soldiers Killed

A gunman in Afghan police uniform killed three foreign trainers working for NATO late Sunday in the western province of Herat. Powered by ... tags: AfghanistanAmericaHeratofStatesUnited

Afghanistan: attentato a Herat

Una bomba piazzata su una bicicletta ha provocato decine di morti e feriti ad Herat, in Afghanistan. La polizia locale ha dichiarato che ... tags: AfghanistanAfghanistan:AttaccoattentatoeuronewsHerat

Afghanistan Explosion

18 Afghan civilians were injured in a bomb explosion in west Afghanistan on Wednesday.The blast occurred in Herat, the capital city of ... tags: AfghanistanHeratNimroz

New Afghan Police Officers

Officials said on Monday that 200 newly-graduated officers joined the Afghan National Police after completing their training in western ... tags: AfghanistanHeratKabul

Rogo Corano: attaccato Consolato Usa ad Herat, diverse...

In Afghanistan sfociano nel sangue le proteste anti statunitensi per il rogo di alcune copie del corano avvenuto nella base di Bagram. ... tags: AfghanistanattaccatoConsolatoCorano:diverseeuronewsHerat

Afeganistão assume controle de Herat

As foras afegs assumiram oficialmente nesta quinta-feira a responsabilidade da segurana em Herat, capital da provncia ocidental homnima, ... tags: AFEGANISTAOAfeganistãoassumeCONFLITOcontroleHeratIMAGENS

Afghanistan, giunti aiuti umanitari Gdf

Task Force Grifo in collaborazione con aeronautica militare tags: AeronauticaAfghanistanaiutidiFinanzaGuardiaHakiban

Afghan protests continue over Quran burning

In the four days of protests since the discovery of burnt Qurans at Bagram air base 25 people, including two US soldiers, have died. ... tags: al JazeeraaljazeeraasianewsBernard SmithHaseeb Humayoonheratkabul