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What is the Best Workout for Weight Loss?

It's important to burn calories during your workout, but it's even more important that your training sessions raise metabolic rate. If they ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

Are the Calorie Counters on Exercise Machines Accurate?

If there's one thing you're certainly going to do on a diet, it's calorie counting. But are the numbers on exercise machines accurate Or ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

What's the Best Pre-Workout Snack to Build Muscle?

Pre-workout nutrition is very vital for building lean muscle mass and supplying your body with energy. Watch this video to find out if you ... tags: After_Working_OutBefore_Working_OutBody_NutritionBuilding_Lean_MuscleCaffeineCaloriesCarbs

The Truth About High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is a natural sweetener and preservative made from corn. Recently, rising rates of obesity have ... tags: Agave_NectarBody_NutritionCaloriesDextroseEating_HealthyFatGlucose

Is Fresh Food Always Better than Frozen?

Fresh is better, right When you're talking fruits and vegetables, the answer may surprise you People often assume that food in its natural ... tags: Body_NutritionEating_HealthyFresh_FoodFrozen_FoodGood_HealthHealthy_Diet:_HealthHealthy_Frozen_Food

Perfect Skin Foods

The secret to perfect skin may be hiding in your refrigerator. That's where you'll find foods like mushrooms, leafy greens and tomatoes, ... tags: Alternative_Skin_CareBody_NutritionCelluliteClear_Skin_FoodsCollagenCosmetic_Surgery_AlternativeEating_Healthy

Snooze Foods

Trouble sleeping Foods high in nutrients that promote serotonin levels can help. Bananas, toast, and honey are all examples of foods that ... tags: BananasBody_NutritionEating_HealthyFoods_for_SleepGood_HealthHealthy_Diet:_HealthHealthy_Meals

Muscle-Building Foods

Want to build lean muscle mass Head to the kitchen Eating the right foods can help your muscles recover faster, increase in size and grow ... tags: Amino_AcidsBody_NutritionCaffeineChickenEating_HealthyGood_HealthHealthy_Diet:_Health

Flat-Belly Foods

Studies show that belly fat, or visceral fat, leads to higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. But you don't need to ... tags: AbsAntioxidantsBeansBody_NutritionCaloriesEating_HealthyFat_Loss

Energy Foods

Feeling the midday slump is almost inevitable. But before you order a shot of espresso or crack open an energy drink, you may want to ... tags: Brain_NutritionBurning_FatCaffeineCoffeeDairyEating_HealthyEnergy_Drinks

Stress-Fighting Foods

Stress comes with some nasty side effects, including weight gain, weakened immune system and even depression. Healthy foods such as leafy ... tags: AlmondsAntioxidantsAnxietyCalming_FoodsCottage_CheeseEating_HealthyGreen_Vegetables

Fats: The Good, the Bad, the Dangerous

Think you're doing your body a world of good by eliminating fat from your diet You may be missing out on important health benefits tied to ... tags: Bad_FatBelly_FatBody_FatBody_NutritionBurn_FatEating_HealthyFat