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Teeth Grinding: Causes & Cures

There are different reasons for teeth grinding. The triggers vary from your stress level and diet to the alignment of your teeth, and even ... tags: alignmentbruxismcausedentaldietenamelgums

TMJ & Jaw Clenching

The good news for the 10 million people with temporo-mandibular joint disorders is that there are ways to lessen-- if not eliminate-- this ... tags: arthritiscauseclickingdentalgumsHealth_videohygiene

Fluorosis: White Specs & Yellow Teeth

Nobody likes yellow, stained teeth. But imagine embarrassing white specks on your teeth that can never be brushed away.Those specks may be ... tags: :oral_carecausecavitieschildrencrackingdecaydental

Teeth Whitening: What's Best?

We can all have celeb-worthy smiles thanks to better quality at-home whitening products and the reduced costs of in-office procedures. But ... tags: at_homebleachingcausecoffeec_igarettesdentalDIY

Stain Fighting Strategies

Have you seen what coffee and cigarettes can do to your teeth Between the resin from the tobacco and the pigments in coffee, you can wind ... tags: beercausecigarettescoffeedentalenamelfighting

Signs of Living with Osteoarthritis

Who is most at risk for osteoarthritis How does the cartilage in the joints wear away Learn more about this painful condition by watching ... tags: body_achesbone_paincauses_of_osteoarthritiselderlyexerciseHealth_Videojoint_pain

Living with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is debilitating. Between the pain and the limitations the condition creates, dealing with this problem takes a toll. Find ... tags: body_achesbone_paincauses_of_osteoarthritiselderlyexerciseHealth_Videojoint_pain

Dental Digital Imagery: Worth the Cost?

In a world of constant technological improvement, it's no surprise that dental offices are trading in traditional x-ray machines for ... tags: 3D_imagesbone_losscancer_:oral_careCT_scanningdecaydentaldigital_imagery

Toothache: Causes & Remedies

In life, some things are okay to ignore-like calls from telemarketers and the calorie count on that chocolate bar-- but toothaches are ... tags: causecavitycold_:oral_carecracked_toothdentaldentinenamel

Get Smart About Wisdom Teeth

While some people do have space in their mouths for wisdom teeth, the fit is usually way too tight. If left alone, they can sometimes ... tags: causecavitiescystsdentaldry_socket_:oral_caregumsHealth_video