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Health Pediatrics Videos - 2 by Popular

Pyloric Stenosis in Newborns

Dr. Daniel Hechtman explains the pyloric stenosis condition and treatment in newborns.Daniel Hechtman MD, Pediatric SurgeryMedical ... tags: Baby_ConditionsDigestiveDr._Daniel_HechtmandrmdkHealth_PediatricsNewbornsNewborn_Condition

Surgical Options for GERD in Children

Dr. Daniel Hechtman explains the situations in which a surgical intervention is needed to treat GERD in children.Daniel Hechtman MD, ... tags: ChildrenDanielDrMDKforGERDHealth_PediatricsHectman

Diagnosing Appendicitis in Children

Dr. Daniel Hechtman explains the way doctors diagnose appendicitis and surgery requirements for appendicitis in children.Daniel Hechtman ... tags: AppendicitisAppendicitis_diagnosisAppendicitis_in_ChildrenAppendicitis_surgeryChildrenChild_Digestion_ProblemsDiagnosing

Healthy Diet for a Two Year Old

Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor Bianca Leuzzi explains what is the right diet for a two year old. tags: baby_dietBianca_Leuzzichild_dietchild_healthDietdietHealthydiet_advice

Healthy Diet for a Five Year Old

Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor Bianca Leuzzi explains what is the right diet for a five year old. tags: Bianca_LeuzzichildHealthychild_dietchild_healthDietdiet_advicedrmdk

Testicular Pain in Children

Dr. Daniel Hechtman talks about testicular pain in children.Daniel Hechtman MD Pediatric SurgeryMedical School Washington University ... tags: Childrenchild_healthchild_health_problemsDr._Daniel_HechtmandrmdkHealth_PediatricsPain

The Symptoms of Ovarian Torsion in Girls

Dr. Daniel Hechtman explains the symptoms of Ovarian torsion in girls, that sometimes seem like an appendicitis.Daniel Hechtman MD ... tags: DanielDr.Dr.DanielGirlsgirl_ovarian_problemsgirl_reproductive_systemHealth_Pediatrics

How to Ease the Pain of the Flu Shot

Scared of needles Learn how to ease the pain of the flu shot. Plus, how to protect yourself against the virus without an injection. tags: child_painEaseeasing_painFluflu_injectionflu_shot_fearflu_shot_pain

When to Worry If Your Child Has Fever

If your child gets a fever, do you know what to do Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what to look for, when to worry and the latest in ... tags: Childchild_coldchild_diseaseschild_Feverchild_healthDr._Jim_SearsFever

Child Acid Reflux Causes and Diet Options

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what causes acid reflux, and gives diet tips to help alleviate acid reflux pain in children. tags: AcidAcid_Refluxacid_reflux_treatmentAVoid_Acid_RefluxCausesChildChild_Digestion_Problems

Gestational Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar in Newborns

Learn about the possible effects of gestational diabetes on newborns with diabetes educator James Cohen.James Cohen RN BSN CDECertified ... tags: BabiesBloodDiabetesdiabetes_during_pregnancydrmdkeffectsGestational

Early and Late Puberty Guide for Parents

Early or late puberty are usually no reason for parents to worry about their child's health. visits the Montreal Children's ... tags: causeschild_growthChild_growth_stageschild_late_bloomerschild_pubertychild_puberty_stagesconcerns