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The Mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis

In this program we meet several patients who cope with the different forms of MS and hear their stories of tragedy and triumph. tags: HBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindmsmultiple_sclerosisNews_and_Informationprogressive_ms

Thoracic Aneurysms: Dangerous and Deadly

We highlight the risk factors and symptoms that might lead a person to suspect he has an aneurysm and the treatments that could defuse that ... tags: hbhmhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindNews_and_Informationthoracic_aneurysmsthoracic_aneurysms_repairthoracic_aneurysms_rupture

Antibiotic Resistance: Stopping the Superbugs

In this program we see how antibiotic resistance developed and what the experts believe we need to do to win the battle. tags: antibioticseye_infectionsHBHMhealthhealthcarehealthy_body_healthy_mindhospital

Back to Full Stride: Knee Replacement Surgery

In this program we'll meet surgeons who are experts in knee replacements. Plus we'll hear from their patients who will detail what lead ... tags: agingarthroscopyHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindjoint_surgeryknee

Dangerous Infections

In this program we'll highlight some of the ways patients who are in hospitals can protect themselves from dangerous bacterial infections. ... tags: antibioticsbacteriaHBHMhealthhealthcarehealthy_body_healthy_mindhospital

Deadly Blood Clots: the Dangers of Venous Thromboembolism

In this program we will examine the symptoms and risk factors of venous thromboembolism, see who should be tested for clotting disorders ... tags: bleedingblood_clottingblood_disorderclotcoagulationgeneticHBHM

GERD and Obesity: What's the Connection?

In this program we take a closer look at reflux disease and its connection to obesity and other medical conditions. Plus we discuss the ... tags: acid_refluxgerdHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindmedicalNews_and_Information

Insomnia: Waking up at Night

In this program we explore the problem of nocturnal awakening and see what can be done to treat it. We speak with the experts who discuss ... tags: HBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindNews_and_Informationno_stressrestscience_and_sleep

Japanese Encephalitis: a Hidden Danger for Travelers

In this program we see why it's important travelers especially those to Asian countries learn how to protect themselves from Japanese ... tags: birdflubronchitiscoldfluHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mind

New Treatments for People With Type II Diabetes

The treatments available for people with Type II Diabetes work differently with each patient and depend largely on the patient's specific ... tags: blood_sugardiabetesdiabeticdietHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mind

New Weapons to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

In this program, we head into the MRI lab to see the latest tools in the fight against MS and meet some of the experts who are on the front ... tags: causesHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindmsmultiple_sclerosisNews_and_Information

Patient Safety: Protecting Yourself in the Hospital

In this program, we help people understand what could go wrong in the hospital, how they can reduce the risk of contracting a ... tags: back_surgerybypasscosmeticHBHMhealthhealthy_body_healthy_mindheart_surgery