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UN fury at Zimbabwe rights snub - 30 Oct 09

The UN's top torture investigator has called for action against Zimbabwe after he was detained on his arrival at Harare airport and then ... tags: aljazeeraharuhumanmanfredmutasanowakrights

Liberia's president barred from office - 7 Jul 09

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's president and Africas first female democratically elected leader, is seen as the darling of the West. Her ... tags: charlescommissionharujazeeraliberiamautasataylor

Hundreds attend Terreblanche funeral

Hundreds of people in South Africa have attended the funeral of Eugene Terreblanche, the white supremacist leader, who was murdered on his ... tags: africanewsaljazeeraharumutasaterreblanche

Zimbabwe's failing economy blamed for rise in child abuse - 24 Nov 09

Zimbabwe's failing economy, along with the high number of parents dying from HIV-Aids, are being blamed for an alarming rise in child ... tags: abuseAidschildeconomyHarareHaruHIV

Rugby unites races in South Africa

In a country where sport continues to be largely segregated by race, the arrival of thousands of white rugby fans into the South African ... tags: africanewscupfootballharumutasarugbysoccer

Zuma mediates in Zimbabwe deadlock

Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president, is visiting neighbouring Zimbabwe, to help mediate talks aimed at ending the political deadlock ... tags: africanewsenglishharujacobjazeeramutasapower

Mugabe seeks early poll to end coalition

Zimbabwe's electoral commission says it needs 220m to hold a referendum on the new constitution and a general election next year.A ... tags: AfricaNewsAlAlJazeeraHarareHaruJazeeraMugabe

Nigerians continue protests as Boko Haram defends recent attacks

The leader of Nigeria's Islamist group Boko Haram has defended recent attacks on Christians, and warned of more to come.In a video posted ... tags: AbujaaljazeeraBokoGoodluckHaramHarujazeera

S Africa townships decry neglect

Sixteen years after apartheid ended, South Africans living in the country's poorest townships say their situation is not improving.The ... tags: AfricaAfricanewsHaruJazeeraMutasaSouth

Sudan's Nuba people 'targeted by army'

The Sudanese army has been fighting armed groups in South Kordofan state for two weeks.The area sits on the tense border between south ... tags: africanewsalaljazeeraHarujazeeraJubaKardofan

Kenya taking in 1500 drought refugees daily

The President of Somalia says he's trying to secure aid routes into his country.But many Somalis fear the conflict and the drought will ... tags: africaafricanewsalaljazeeradroughtHarujazeera

Zimbabwean migrant workers face South African locals' wrath - 21 Nov 09

Zimbabwean migrants in search of employment in South Africa are facing persecution from local people who are blaming them for taking their ... tags: africaaljazeeraDoornsenglishharujazeeramutasa