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Security concerns hamper Word Cup ticket sales

In June, South Africa will host the football World Cup, one of the world's most watched sporting events.But few tickets have yet been sold ... tags: africaafricanewsaljazeeracupfootballharujazeera

Zimbabwe blocks UN rapporteur visit - 29 Oct 09

A UN human rights investigator has been sent packing from Zimbabwe, after being detained overnight.Manfred Nowak, an Austrian academic who ... tags: harareharumutasarapporteurtorturezimbabwe

South Sudan to become world's newest country

Preliminary results from southern Sudan's referendum show that 99.5 per cent voted for independence from the north. But there has already ... tags: ArmyHaruJazeeraJubaLiberationmiddleeastnewsMutasa

Cutting off poachers through rhino de-horning

Every day two rhinoceros are killed for their horrns by poachers in South Africa.The animal's iconic keratin-based horn is thought to have ... tags: AfricaAfricaNewsAlAlJazeeraHaruJazeeraMpumalanga

Zimbabweans reflect amid recovering economy

Al Jazeera English is marking five years on air this month and looking back at some of the stories we covered on our first day of ... tags: AlaljazeeraHaruJazeeraMutasaZimbabwe

Mozambique gets infrastructure boost from China - 13 Aug 09

China has overtaken the US as Africa's top trading partner, and Beijing's growing economic clout is increasingly visible across the ... tags: aljazeerabuyschinaharumozambiquemutasaseries

Mozambique's de-mining rats - 21 Aug 09

Landmines left behind after conflict are a deadly legacy, causing thousands of casualties every year.In Mozambique, disposal teams risk ... tags: de-miningharuminesmozambiquemutasarats

Charcoal-making threatens Mozambique forests - 22 Aug 09

Bags of charcoal stacked along roadsides across Mozambique are a common sight. Charcoal is popular because it is cheap, easy to transport ... tags: charcoalharujazeeramozambiquemutasa

South Africa's grapples with healthcare woes 12 Sept 09

South Africa spends more on healthcare than any other African country. But over half of that is spent treating HIV/Aids. Overwhelmed and ... tags: africaAidsharuhealthcarejazeeramutasasouth

Tsvangirai announces cabinet boycott - 16 Oct 09

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's prime minister, has announced he will boycott cabinet meetings with the country's coalition government until ... tags: alaljazeerabennettharujazeeramorganmutasa

Tesco 'exploiting' South African workers - 1 Aug 0

The British supermarket chain Tesco is the biggest buyer of fruit from South Africa, contracting about 800 farms and making big profits. ... tags: africaceresharujazeeramutasasouthtesco

Displaced Zimbabweans speak of torture - 28 Oct 09

African mediators are expected in Zimbabwe on Thursday in a bid to break the deadlock in the country's power sharing government.The party ... tags: displacedfarmharujazeeramediatorsmutasaworkers