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"Juhi Chawla" Talks About Harmful Effects of Radiation

'Juhi Chawla' Talks About Harmful Effects of Radiation-

Ep. 1307: Where Chromecast doesn't know its own strength

Google's new Chromecast is a big 'finally' moment for anyone looking for an easy, cheap way to move content wirelessly from your computer ...

E-cigarettes harmful says report

A French study has found that electronic or e-cigarettes are not as harmless as many people think. The vapours can contain almost the same ...

Urban Beekeeping Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

With the recent boom in urban beekeeping, scientists have begun to develop concerns that the practice is becoming more harmful to the ... tags: beeEnvironmentharmharmfulNewsurban

Hand Dryers Are Harmful to Some People

Researchers from Goldsmiths at the University of London have found that the volume of hand dryers in public bathrooms can be harmful to ... tags: dryershandharmharmfulpeople

Radiation leaks from Fukushima now "harmful"

The government in Japan says radiation from the quake-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has now reached harmful levels. Four reactors at the ... tags: EarthquakeeuronewsfromFukushimaharmfulJapanleaks

Geo FIR-05 Jun 2013-Part 1-Harmful mineral water being sold across the country.

Geo FIR-05 Jun 2013-Part 1-Harmful mineral water being sold across the country. tags: 20135thFaheemFIRGeoHarmfulJune

Is It Ok to Microwave Food in Plastic?

Learn the harmful effects of heating foods in the microwave.Is it safe to microwave food in a plastic container According to research from ... tags: effectseffortGeneralharmfulmicrowaveNews

Is separation and divorce harmful to children?

Family-law attorney John Spiegel discusses how divorce may not necessarily be harmful to children. tags: BreakChildrenCoupleDivorceHarmfulMaritalMediation

What should I do if my children cry when they hear that we're separating?

Family-law attorney John Spiegel explains how tears are a natural part of the healing process when telling children about a separation. tags: BreakCoupleCryDivorceHarmfulMaritalMediation