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Who's to blame for the crisis?

Who's to blame for the economic crisis, what should be done to solve it, and when will it finally end The Resident, Lori Harfenist, takes ... tags: creditcrisiscruncheconomicHarfenistLoriResident

Can government manage crisis?

With almost US 800 billion to stimulate the economy, many wonder if the US government can be trusted to spend the money wisely. tags: crisiseconomyfinancialgovernmentHarfenistLorimoney

Are radical ideas that radical?

For the past decade Texas Congressman Ron Paul has been a radical voice warning that the US economy is about to collapse. He's been ... tags: HarfenistideasLoriPaulradicalResidentRon

Art & pornography: where's the line?

When do nude pictures stop being artistically graceful, and become obscene Web journalist Lori Harfenist, also known as The Resident,' ... tags: artTimesHarfenistLoriNewResidentSquare

The Resident: Same-sex Marriage

Gay marriages are you for or against Does one have to be politically correct Online journalist Lori 'The Resident' Harfenist goes out on ... tags: bangayHarfenisthomophobiaLorimarriagepride

The Resident: Why are we afraid of North Korea?

North Korea has been making headlines all around the world this week with its nuclear test. Lori The Resident Harfenist took to the New ... tags: HarfenistKoreaLoriNewNorthnuclearResident

People on Obamas speech in Cairo

The US President traveled to Cairo this week to deliver a speech to the Muslim world, with the intention of bringing peace to the Middle ... tags: CairoEastEgyptHarfenistIslamMiddleNew

Will the G8 summit lead to actions?

As the G8 leaders met this week to try and solve the worlds biggest problems, many critics of the summits have branded them mere talking ... tags: HarfenistLoriNewResidentTheYork

Closing Guantanamo: A promise made to be broken?

The Resident asks New Yorkers how they feel about President Obama's promise to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and the likelihood that ... tags: gitmoguantanamoharfenistlorinewobamaprison

New York speaks out on 'Climategate'

Is global warming a man-made hoax or a man-made threat to our planet Lori The Resident Harfenist hit the streets of New-York to ask people ... tags: climateglobalHarfenistLoriNewResidentThe

UK government too tough on banks?

The UK government has issued a one-time 50 tax on bank bonuses that are worth over 25,000. Lori The Resident Harfenist has asked New ... tags: bankbonusesHarfenistNewNYCopinionresident

Challenge of illegal migration: How to respond?

Should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the US If so, on what conditions RTs The Resident asked New Yorkers what they think the ... tags: HarfenistillegalLorimigrationNewResidentthe