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Hans Haerkens. - RTV Noord

Hans Haerkens treedt met onmiddellijke ingang af als voorzitter van GasTerra Flames. Dat maakte hij dinsdagavond bekend na de Europese ... tags: altijdopnoorddonarflamesgroningenhaerkenshansnieuws

Highlights of Daler mehdi's daughter marriage with hans raj hans son

highlights of Daler mehdi's daughter marriage with hans raj hans son tags: Dalerdaughterhanshighlightsmarriagemehdisof

Kränk am 04.11.13 // Hat Jagger die Perry angeknipst?

Wieso schumt Friedrich vor Wut und wer ist dafr zustndig Katy Perry auszuknipsen Dies und mehr heute bei Krnk tags: friedrichhansKatykränkMerkelNachrichtenNews

TOP 3 | Arts.21

Cult Shelves Ikeas top-selling item,the Billy shelving unit,turns 30 Not One of Us New publications on the occasion of the 80th birthday ... tags: ArtArtsCultureDeutscheDW-TVEnzensbergerHans

”Cornflake King” and DIHK President | Made in Germany

As Germanys largest producer of breakfast foods,Hans Heinrich Driftmann is used to the world of lobbying. He is head of the Klln cereal ... tags: DeutscheDIHKDriftmannDW-TVEconomicsGermanyHans

From vine to wine | Video of the day

Steep terraces mean a good position for grapes in terms of capturing sunlight, and Hans Kusterer's vineyards are the steepest in Germany. ... tags: dayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanyHansKusterer

Climate counselor | Video of the day

Physician and mathematician Hans Joachim Schellnhuber has provided advice on climate-change issues to politicians around the globe. He ... tags: changeclimateCO2dayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

A Profile of Hans Joachim Schellnhuber | Global 3000

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is the chief government advisor on climate and related issues to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He was one of ... tags: 3000changeClimateCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Vintage! Simca 1200 S | drive it

Hans Exner has been on the motor sport circuit for years. His specialty is slalom and alpine racing. He is usually first over the finish ... tags: 1200alpineAutoAutomobileCarCarsDeutsche

The Art Market - Gallery Owner Hans Mayer | Made in Germany

After a slump during the financial crisis, the art market is booming once again. The revival of the market is also evident at one of the ... tags: ArtBaselBeuysDüsseldorfdealergalleryHans