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Haitians commemorate victims of devastating quake

Four years ago, a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti to its core. Today, Haitians pay tribute to over 300,000 lives lost. Small ... tags: anniversarycatastrophiccommemoratefourthHaitisJillianquake

Haiti's slow road to recovery serves as warning to Philippines

As Filipinos continue digging out of the deadly destruction left by Typhoon Haiyan this past week, halfway across the world, another ... tags: disasterHaitislessonsquakerecoverservesslow

Haiti's PM resigns after row with president

Haiti's Prime Minister Gary Conille has resigned after just four months in office, plunging the country into fresh political ... tags: aftereuronewsHaitiHaitisPoliticspresidentresigns

Haiti braces for storm Isaac

Haiti's tent cities brace themselves for the might of Tropical Storm Isaac. The impoverished country - the poorest in the Americas - still ... tags: approachawaitdwellersforHaitisnervouslyRappai

Tropical Storm Isaac floods Haiti capital

Salvaging their few belongings from one of Haiti's many tent cities, as Tropical Storm Isaac ravages the country. Heavy rains and high ... tags: afterbeingdrenchedfloodsHaitisRappaireports

Haiti's National Palace demolished

Two and a half years after a devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti, demolition begins at the National Palace. On Friday, crews began taking ... tags: andCaribbeanCrewsdamagingdemolishedHaitisravaged

Providing water and sanitation for those outside of Haiti's capital

UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard reports on the work of UNICEF in delivering clean water and sanitation to areas outside of Haiti's capital. tags: andcapitalforHaitisoutsideProvidingsanitation

Tent classrooms and school kits help restart education in Haiti's quake zone

UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard reports on UNICEF's efforts to get children back to school a month after the earthquake n Haiti. tags: andclassroomseducationHaitishelpkitsquake

UNICEF and partners deliver essential supplies to Haiti's most vulnerable children

UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard reports on the delivery of essential supplies to children at a residential care centre in ... tags: andchildrendeliveressentialHaitismostpartners

UNICEF and partners work to provide a free education for all Haiti’s children

UNICEF correspondent Thomas Nybo reports on efforts to build an education system in Haiti that is free and universal. tags: allandeducationforfreeHaitiâ™spartners

Haiti Satellite Images Help Earthquake Aid Efforts

Detailed satellite images of Haitis devastated areas are enabling scientists worldwide to gather information and make damage assessments in ... tags: analysisareasassessmentsCatastrophedamagedevastatedHaiti’s

Haiti's president-elect promises 'new era'

Michel Martelly, who has won by a landslide in Haiti in a run-off presidential election, on Tuesday promised a 'new era' for his troubled ... tags: 'newera'Haiti'spresident-electpromises