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Kate Gosselin Denies Children are 'Underdeveloped'

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been catapulted back into the glaring headlines with Jon's little appearance on Oprah's 'Where Are They Now.'

Celebrity Stories of 2009

He did WHAT Here are some of the best celebrity tales ... tags: AwardsDiagonalgosselinsKanyeMusicPatrickSwayze

Full House, Kate Plus Eight, Quints by surprise- Firework { Happy fourth of July}

Okay I put three shows onto a video Please rate Comment. Happy Fourth of July I know I wanted to upload it tomorrow but I thought I do do ... tags: 4th Ashley Bure by Cameron Candance DJ

Buy Your Dream House (john and kate new house)

08/06/11 Larry Alvarez . . Jon Kate Gosselin's new house Traducir esta pgina 27 Jan 2009 -- In case you missed Jon Kate ... tags: aaden affair Alexis berks Cara caught Collin

Kate Gosselin on the 700 club

Kate Gosselin talking about her pregency and her stuggles with having kids.Enjoy please do not steal I do not own tags: 700askingclubforgosselingosselinsjon

The Gosselin Eight (Smiles)

Where I live, TLC is broadcasting older episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I have been watching them for a while now. That's what inspired ... tags: AadenAlexisAurelieaureliee6CaraCollinEntertainment

Kate Plus 8 [Soulmate]

After I saw the very first two episodes Inside Kate's World 6th Birthday Surprise I just had to make a video about them. It's so good to ... tags: AadenAlexisAurelieaureliee6CaraCollinEntertainment

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Series Finale

The series finale is Monday, 11/23 9/8c on TLC. For more video, go to tags: Entertainmentfamilygosselingosselinsjonkatekids