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Golbez Videos - 2 by Popular

FF4 [13] Le monde

Ici vido particulire car je vous fait un visite guider de la carte du monde en visant deux trois endroit pour m'acheter de l'quipement. tags: baleinebanonblanccecilchevalierdragonedge

Vidéotest Final Fantasy IV ( Nintendo DS Indirect )

Un pisode qui reste trs aprci malgrs ses petits dfauts et ses nombreux portages,ce Final Fantasy IV reste ni plus ou moins qu'un trs bon ... tags: CécilFantasyFinalGolbezNintendoRosa

Let's Play Final Fantasy IV COMPLETE #25 - Child's Play

In this episode, we head to the Underworld to stop Golbez from procuring the Dark Crystals. However, he has enlisted the aid of the most ... tags: CastleCollectionCompleteDwarvenFantasyFinalGolbez

Let's Play Final Fantasy IV COMPLETE #26 - Grown Up

In this episode, the battle does not go well against Golbez. Can we survive to save the day Shopping List - Flame Lance - Sage's Miter - ... tags: CastleCollectionCompleteDwarvenFantasyFinalGolbez

Let's Play Final Fantasy IV COMPLETE #24 - The Avengers

In this episode, we finally confront Golbez to exchange the Crystal of Earth for Rosa's life. Will Golbez stay true to his word Take a wild ... tags: BarbaricciaCollectionCompleteFantasyFinalGolbezIV

Final Fantasy IV Part 49: Ogopogo

At last we make it to the end of the final dungeon, only to cliffhang because hey, that's what we do. tags: areacaincecilcommentarydarkdragonsdungeon

Final Fantasy IV Part 44: Maelstrom'd To Death

Running into a snag early in the final dungeon against one of the 'mini' bosses. tags: cainCapricecilclawcommentarydragondungeon

Final Fantasy IV Part 42: No More Exploding Toilets

We finally disband The Assholes once and for all, and some of us go for the source while others stick behind to pick up some side quests we ... tags: airshipbigcainCapricecilcommentaryedge

Final Fantasy IV Part 36: Wall-Eek

This thing means business. One thing I failed to mention in the video is that if you let it get too close to you, it starts insta-killing ... tags: 8thcainCapricavececilclosingcommentary

Final Fantasy IV Part 27: The Unforgettable Fire

Meeting with the hot-headed Prince of Eblana, just in time to see him get wrecked by Rubicante. tags: babil Capri commentary eblana edge fantasy ff4

Final Fantasy IV Part 21: Some Kind Of Monster

I've been waiting all my life to pull this one. The auto-tuner I used is online in the form of a flash game, here tags: battle black boss calcabrena castle cecil cid