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RE: Real Talk on Homosexuality [Response to iEmanuella's Video]

Originally published on January 6th, 2014. Around 710 of the video, I meant to add that I'm 'thanking' her for not only using the Old ... tags: CommentaryFunnyGaysGays_and_LesbiansGay_MarriageGod_Hates_FagsHomosexuality

Westboro Baptist Church: UltimateRanTV Edition (Part 1)

Originally published on August 30th, 2010. Scream and Stoutmeister decide to take on a topic that is a little more serious than any of the ... tags: Dead_SoldiersFred_PhelpsFunnyGod_Hates_FagsHomosexualityOccultReligion

Westboro Baptist Church: UltimateRanTV Edition (Part 2)

Originally published on August 30th, 2010. The WBC Picket Schedule as I promised I'd post Website used to find the phone number Thanks ... tags: CorruptionFred_PhelpsFunnyGod_Hates_FagsReligionReligion_is_BullshitScream

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Controversy: Why Are You Surprised By His Religious Views?

Along with my question to the viewer, I have a question for the producers of AE. How could have possibly not know Phil's views on ... tags: Duck_DynastyDuck_Dynasty_HappyGay_PrideGod_Hates_FagsHomosexualityPhil_Duck_DynastyPhil_Robertson

Top 5 Reasons Why Radical Christians Say Homosexuality Is Wrong

Originally published on April 8th, 2013. Inspired by this topic, I decided to narrow down on a list on what I feel are the reasons why ... tags: Duck_DynastyGay_MarriageGay_PrideGod_Hates_FagsHomophobiaHomosexualityLGBT

People That Should Die and Rot In Hell by Jordan Zeh. The Banned Book.

People That Should Die and... 110 Video sneak peak promo for the book 'People That Should Die and Rot In Hell' by Jordan Zeh. Banned by ... tags: amazona_banned_bookbanned_bookbanned_from_Amazonbanned_from_iBooksdieFor