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Global Pulse - 08/07/08: Border Drug War

August 7, 2008 While the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan dominate most war news coverage, there is another war raging much closer to the ... tags: addictaddictionarmycartelcartelscocainedrug

Global Pulse: Summer Break

Global Pulse July 28, 2010 Here is a small summer confection for you. No, it's not as eyebrow-raising as last summer's 'Naked Presidents' ... tags: BreakComedyErin_CokerFall_ReturnFunnyGlobal_PulseKaya_Lee

Toxic Justice? BP and Bhopal

Global Pulse July 9, 2010 If you must experience a devastating industrial accident, pray you live in a rich and powerful country. Americans ... tags: AccountabilityAnniversaryBailBhopalCEOCompensationCorporate_Corruption

Afghanistan: Wealth, War, Propaganda, Petraeus

Global Pulse June 25, 2010 The recent announcement of vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan sent salesman-in-chief Hamid Karzai to Japan to ... tags: AfghanAfghanistanBrinkleyChinaCopperDepartment_of_DefenseGeological_Survey

South Africa: A Cup Half Full

Global Pulse June 11, 2010 The U.S. could use a nice distraction, why not the World Cup The fans worldwide are ready, and so are South ... tags: AlgeriaCalabashFootballGlobal_PulseIvory_CoastJohannesburgNews_Politics

Korea Family Feud

Global Pulse May 28, 2010 After the South Korean warship Cheonan sank -- allegedly due to a North Korean torpedo -- the West was unanimous ... tags: CheonanElectionGlobal_PulseKoreaKoreanMilitaryNavy

GLOBAL PULSE: North Korea - Where Truth Lies (4/09/2009)

April 9, 2009 Was it a missile test or a space launch Did it fall into the sea or put a satellite into orbit While most media sources agree ... tags: chinaglobalglobalpulsejapanjongkimkorea

Times Square Bomber: Terrorist or Pawn?

Global Pulse May 14, 2010 No one can understand why someone like Faisal Shahzad, an educated, naturalized U.S. citizen, would try to bomb ... tags: BombClintonFaisal_ShahzadGlobal_PulseIndiaNews_PoliticsNew_York

The Drug War vs The War on Drugs

Global Pulse April 30, 2010 The 'War on Drugs' has created a drug war in Mexico. Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration is an attempt ... tags: AddictionArizonaBorderCocaineConsumptionDrugsDrug_Cartels

Debt: Greece vs California

Global Pulse April 16, 2010 A question being hotly debated by bloggers who is buried in worse debt, Greece or California News reports lean ... tags: BailoutCaliforniaDebtEconomyGermanyGlobal_PulseGreece

Muslim Fashion: Cover Me Beautiful

Global Pulse March 19, 2010 The dress of Muslim women worldwide walks a fine line between conservative and chic. In Chechnya and Iran, ... tags: AbayaChechnyaCoverCovering_UpDesignDesigner_ClothingDubai