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Gitmo Videos - 2 by Popular

Gitmo solidarity striker force-fed in front of White House

Agonizing screams are heard in front of the White House. After a 61 day fast, 52 year-old Andres Thomas is being fed through tubes running ...

Gitmo hunger strike

According to the Pentagons estimate, it spends around USD 150 million every year to run the prison and military court system at the US ... tags: BarackDavisforce-feedingGitmoinmatesMorrisObama

Activists urge US govt. to shut Gitmo

Protesters gathered in front of the White House to paint the grim picture of life inside Guantanamo Bay Prison. tags: AmericasGitmo

100,000-strong petition urges release of UK Gitmo detainee

This is Shaker Aamer, the only British resident left in the Guantanamo Bay prison. His family has campaigned for his release and put ... tags: BritainCAMPAIGNDETAINEEEuropeGITMO

Guantanamo still holding prisoners 10 years on

It has been 10 years since the US military opened the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and despite President Barack Obama's promise to close it - ... tags: GITmo

Ten Years on, Guantanamo Still Casts a Long Shadow

Ten years ago the world was shocked by images of terror suspects locked in cages on a remote US base in Cuba. Today 171 men are still ... tags: bayCubadetaineesgitmoguantanamoterrorists

French Protesters Mark 10 Years of Guantanamo

Human rights activists, some dressed in orange prison jumpsuits, have been protesting in central Paris to demand that the Guantanamo Bay ... tags: BayfrenchgitmoGuantanamolibertyofParis

Omar Khadr Pleads Guilty to All Charges

Canadian-born Omar Khadr has pleaded guilty to all five charges against him, including murder and supporting terrorism, as part of a plea ... tags: bargainBaygitmoGuantanamokhadromarplea

NYC Terror Trial Garners Little Coverage

After months of cable news hysteria, the trial of Ahmed Ghailani began in New York City without much media fanfare. Ghailani is the first ... tags: bombinggitmokhalidmediamohammedpunditssheikh

Obama Heckled By Protest Song at Fundraiser

President Obamas fundraiser speech was interrupted when a woman started singing protesting against WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Mannings ... tags: bayeventfundraisinggitmonewsobamapolitical

Latest WikiLeaks Reveal Guantánamo Secrets

More than 700 secret documents on Guantnamo Bay obtained by WikiLeaks have been released, revealing how some detainees actually pose little ... tags: defensedementiagitmohumanintelligencemanningpentagon

'Gitmo doctors complicit in torture'

A new report reveals that doctors may have ignored physical and mental abuse of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. tags: doctorsgitmoLibraryMedicineofprisionPublic