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Why Non-Techies Connected To Steve Jobs

Erica Ogg, senior writer at GigaOM, says Steve Jobs gave his products an 'emotional quality' that transcended the gap between 'techies' and ... tags: Appledeaddeathgigaomjobssteve

Tesla's Model X Green Perspective Review

Cooler than a minivan, more practical than an SUV, it's Tesla's new all-electric Model X tags: 2012automotiveTesla'sAuto_Models_ReviewsElon_MuskgigaomGreengreen_overdrive

Chrome For Android Is Faster and Feature Packed

Google merged its Chrome browser with Android today and I'm thrilled to see it. The new Chrome beta is fast and it has a clean interface. ... tags: Androidandroid_4.0_browserbrowserchromechrome_for_androidchrome_reviewFaster

Cord Cutters: Lilyhammer, Battleground

Netflix's Lilyhammer, Hulu's Battleground and new shows from YouTube and Sony mean that Cord Cutters won't be bored this spring. tags: battleground_online_tvcord_cuttersCord_Cutters:_LilyhammerCutters:ForGetting_Free_TVgigaom

CES 2012: Hands on with Huawei's Android 4.0 Tablet

Given my love for 7-inch tablets, I had to swing by Huawei's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Chinese company is showing off its ... tags: 2012:2012_CESAndroidandroid_4.0Android_4.0_TabletCESCES_2012

Cloud Gaming on the IPad with OnLive

OnLive's game service is already available for Android devices, but there's an iOS version in the works. Here's a hands on demo with the ... tags: CloudforGaminggamingCloudgigaomiOSiPad

Netgear NeoTV Review

A review of the Netgear NeoTV, also known as the NTV200. tags: cord_cuttersForGetting_Free_TVgigaomGiga_Omni_MediaJanko_RoettgersNeoTV

Thermostat of the Future: Nest Unboxing

When did thermostats get cool Right now. Watch and learn. tags: gigaom

Galaxy Nexus charging system: stand or dock?

I always buy a battery for devices, so I didn't mind spending 40 on one for my Galaxy Nexus. It comes with what looks like a dock, but it's ... tags: gigaom

CES 2012: Tegra 3 Powers Console Games on Transformer Prime

I was playing the Elder Scrolls Skyrim video game today at CES a game I play often at home on my Xbox 360 and large-screened HDTV. But I ... tags: 2012:2012_CESAndroidasusCESCES_2012Console