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Feature Film Sneak Peek

Help us co-create this project at In 2009 a portion of the original documentary team returned to the desert in order to further explore the ... tags: arincrumleyblackrockdesertchristiestrongComedydandeacondawndunningdocumentary

01-10 How We Survive: The Currency of Giving

A look into how struggling communities around the U.S. are meeting each others needs, without charity, or even exchanging a dollar.nbsp nbsp tags: burning_mandamagift_economygivingMaking_ContactmaliNational_Radio_Project

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 149 - Big Rig Jigs at Burning Man

160Join me for lunch with Michelle and Jeff during Podcamp Boston.160 They talk about why they love Burning Man so much. Bythe time ... tags: artsblack_rock_desertburning_mancomedydesert_festivalsgift_economyperformance_art

Revisiting :: Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Don't Commodify, Modify!

QuickTime Flash iPod Ogg Share by vPIP Embed copy paste closeAs Jay and I prepare for a big move back to ... tags: clothing_swapcommercecommunitydiygift_economygreenmaker_faire

Making vs Consuming: A Conversation with Wendy Tremayne

QuickTime Flash iPodWe are constantly bombarded with images and advertising pushing us to buy more, buy better, buy often. What happens ... tags: clothing swapclothing_swapcommercecommunityCommunityCommerceGreenGeeksVideogift economy

Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Don?t Commodify, Modify!

QuickTime Flash iPodYou might recognize Wendy Tremayne from our Green Acre Series here on RyanIsHungry. Wendy founded Swap-O-Rama-Rama ... tags: clothing swapclothing_swapcommercecommunityCommunityCommerceTechGeeksGreenGeeksVideo

Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Don't Commodify, Modify!

QuickTimeYou might recognize from our here on RyanIsHungry. Wendy founded as a way to break out the consumer cycle of shopping for ... tags: biofuelsclothing swapclothing_swapcommercecommunityCommunityCommerceTechcompost