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In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 101

It's expensive and invasive--but if you are trying to get pregnant, it often works. Here is the real deal with IVF. tags: abnormal_uterine_growthbabyconceiveconceivingconceptioncost_of_invitro_fertilizationearly_pregnancy

Facts on the Fertility Shot

Need a boost in fertility Imagine getting a few shots and then producing a beautiful baby. It's not that simple, but it's very helpful for ... tags: conceiving_a_babyconceptionfertility_drugsfertility_help:_Healthfertility_shotfertinexgetting_pregnant

Depo Provera and Danazol

Hormonal treatments are a popular way of treating endometriosis. Watch this quick to learn about Depo Provera and Danazol. tags: cervixconceptiondanazoldepo_shotdepo_side_effectsdepo_vera_shotdeprovera

The Ovulation Calendar

Trying to conceive but not sure when to have sex Creating an ovulation calendar can help you to find out when you are ovulating - and when ... tags: conceivingconceptionfertilitygetting_pregnanthaving_babyovulateovulating

Ovulation: Pregnancy Percent By Day

Your chance of getting pregnant changes dramatically depending on when it is in your ovulation cycle. This video will show you how likely ... tags: fallopian_tubefertilitygetting_pregnantget_pregnantmenstrual_cyclemenstruationmonthly_cycle

Relax to Get Pregnant (Health Short)

Just relax to get pregnant Could it really be that easy The truth is that your fertility suffers when you are stressed, so if you are ... tags: boost_fertilityconceiveconceptionfertilitygetting_pregnantget_pregnanthow_to_get_pregnant

Boost Fertility Naturally!

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and you're not sure about prescription infertility solutions like Clomid, then you might want ... tags: boosting_fertilityboosting_fertility_naturallyboost_fertilityBoost_Fertility_Naturallyfertilefertilityfertility_boost

Artificial Insemination

The procedure may be 'artificial,' but there's nothing that's fake about the baby that often results from artificial insemination tags: abnormal_uterine_growthartificial_inseminationartificial_insemination_costsbabyconceiveconceivingconception

The Super-Tech 4D Sonogram

Imagine being able to watch your baby suck her thumb in real time--before she's even been born That's a 4D Sonogram for you. tags: 4D_sonogram4d_ultrasoundbaby_healthembryofetal_developmentfetal_healthfetal_testing:_Health

Age and Fertility

It doesn't seem fair, but it's true Having a baby just gets harder as a woman gets older. Here's why. tags: age_and_fertilityage_and_fertility_in_womenage_and_fertility_ratesage_fertilityconceiveconceptionfertility

Can Exercise Affect Fertility

Get the 411 from The Bump on how exercise affects fertility. tags: AffectbumpCanCanExerciseexercise_and_fertilityFertilityget

Tips for Conceiving

Trying to get pregnant Follow these tips from The Bump to help increase your chances of conceiving. tags: bumpTipsConceivingconceiving_tipsforgettinggetting_pregnantParenting_Pregnancy