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"Death is easier than this," displaced woman in Syria

War rages in Syria. Amateur video which cannot be independently verified by Reuters shows no let up in the fight days ahead of a peace ... tags: DeathDisplacedfaithGenevalittlepeacereports

Iran, p5+1 deal almost sealed after political talks in Geneva

It was a delicate diplomatic process that led up to these historic handshakes in November. tags: DealEuropeGenevaIranSealTalks

High-level nuclear talks in Geneva make 'very good progress'

The latest round of nuclear talks have ended in Geneva. Officials from the European Union and Iran have have made very good progress in ... tags: GenevagoodIranmakenuclearNuclear_Energyprogress

Little consensus ahead of Syrian peace talks

It was all smiles as members of the Syrian opposition pose for a class photo as they meet in Spain. After close to nearly three years of ... tags: aheadamongconcensusGenevaJanuaryLackLittle

SNC undecided about participation in Geneva 2

A member of the Syrian National Council in Moscow, Mahmoud Al-Hamza, told journalists in a press conference that he is pessimistic of the ... tags: ConflictEuropeGenevaPeaceRussiaSyria

Iran talks with P5+1 extended in Geneva

Iran and the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, the p5+1, are back at the negotiating table. This time again in ... tags: EuropeGenevaIranP51Switzerlandtalks

Obama calls Iran nuclear deal 'an important first step'

President Obama says the U.S. has agreed to provide Iran with 'modest relief' from sanctions as part of a deal on the countryaposs nuclear ... tags: economic_sanctionsforeign_relationsgenevaglobal_relationsinternational_lawiranmiddle_east

Kerry to join Iran talks in Geneva

In a bid to bridge gaps, the U.S. State Department announced Friday that Secretary of State John Kerry would join Iran nuclear talks in ... tags: genevakerryKerry_to_join_Iran_talks_in_Genevanuclearnuclear_energynuclear_powerpolitics

Syria Crisis Un Appeals for Record Funding

The United Nations is making a record funding appeal for Syria... as millions are forced to leave the country due to the prolonged civil ... tags: Ban_Ki-moonGenevaSwitzerlandSyriaValerie_Amos

Iran nuclear deal: Doable deal?

Pro-Israel Republicans and Democrats at the US House of Representatives have signaled that they will slap more sanctions on Iran despite ... tags: GenevaIranIran_nuclear_programMark_Kirknuclear_dealPress_TVRobert_Menendez

Shoppers in Tehran wait to see effect of Geneva talks

At Friday prayers at Tehran University the words of the preachers often reflect the politics of the day. The deal hammered out at talks ... tags: effectGenevaIranNuclear_EnergyseeShopperstalks

Ball in P5+1 court

Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA have visited Iran's Arak heavy water plant to inspect the facility as a confidence ... tags: Arak_plantDebateGenevaheavy_waterIrannuclear_dealP51