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Video: J. Crew Near Sale; PTTEP to Buy Statoil Project Stake

Nov. 23 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton reports on the latest breaking news and top stories in today's Business Briefs. Source ... tags: Acquisitions,NaturalActions,CorporateApparel,Commodities,CompanyAustralia,Asia,BusinessBuyout,Mediacstickers

Video: Bruce Aitken Says Methanol is Competitive With Gasoline

Nov. 10 Bloomberg -- Bruce Aitken, president and chief executive officer of Methanex Corp., discusses methanol and its use as a gasoline ... tags: Australia,Asia,BusinesscstickersEnergy,AsiaEstimates,Emergingex-Energy,Companyex.

Video: Hofmeister Says Gross Negligence by BP Hard to Prove

Nov. 9 Bloomberg -- John Hofmeister, chief executive officer of Citizens for Affordable Energy and the former president of Shell Oil Co., ... tags: Affairs,BusinesscstickersDrillingEstimates,Energy,EnglishFields,OilFinance,Crude

Video: Marseille's Port Lockdown Sees Fuel Disruptions Worsen

Oct. 25 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine reports from Marseille on the strike against working conditions at the French city's port, ... tags: BusinesscstickersEconomies,EconomicEconomy,FranceGas,News,Oil,OilGovernment,GeneralInterview,Natural

Video: Gengaro Sees `Very Good Opportunity' to Buy Halliburton: Video

Oct. 18 Bloomberg -- Stephen Gengaro, an analyst at Jefferies Co., talks with Bloomberg's Lisa Murphy about Halliburton Co.'s ... tags: Advisers,MediaBusinesscstickersDrillingEquipmentExperts,NaturalFields,Oil

Video: Thornburg Investment's McMahon Likes Telefonica, Total: Video

Sept. 23 Bloomberg -- Brian McMahon, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of Thornburg Investment Management, talks with ... tags: Advisers,MediaCommunicationscstickersDrillingEquipment,TelecomExperts,MutualFields,Oil

Video: Tulane's Smith Says Oil-Drilling Ban Doesn't Make Sense: Video

Sept. 16 Bloomberg -- Eric Smith, a professor at Tulane University, talks with Bloomberg's Melissa Long and Lizzie O'Leary about the Obama ... tags: BusinesscstickersDrillingEconomy,U.S.EquipmentEXT4,Florida,GovernmentFields,Oil

Video: Schroder's Brough Says BP Shares Still Have 'Value Left'

Sept. 15 Bloomberg -- Andy Brough, a fund manager at Schroder Investment Management Ltd., talks about the future for BP Plc and the price ... tags: cstickersDrillingFinance,EnglishGasGas,News,Oil,OilHouse,UnitedKingdom,United

Video: Lippert Likes Pegasystems, Allscripts, Carbo Ceramics: Video

Sept. 13 Bloomberg -- Michael Lippert, equity analyst at Baron Capital, talks about his investment strategy. Lippert also discusses ... tags: Advisers,Markets,MediacstickersEquipmentExperts,NaturalGas,News,Oil,OilMarketMedia

Video: Coast Guard Reports Blast on Gulf of Mexico Platform: Video

Sept. 2 Bloomberg -- An oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast was struck by an explosion today. Bloomberg's ... tags: BusinesscstickersDrillingEquipmentGasGas,News,Oil,OilMedia

Video: Battle Says Conditions `Very Dangerous' for Stocks: Video

Aug. 25 Bloomberg -- Brian Battle, vice president of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners, talks about the outlook for U.S. ... tags: Bonds,Machinery,Crisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDefense,AllDrillingEconomy,United

Video: Rig Survivor Blames BP's ‘Screwed-Up Plan' for Blast: Video

Aug. 24 Bloomberg -- BP Plcs 'screwed-up' well design caused the Gulf of Mexico explosion that killed 11 workers and created the worst oil ... tags: Affairs,BusinesscstickersDrillingEXT4,GulfFields,OilGas