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Using QR Codes

QR Codes are barcode-like boxes of dots that you can find in magazines, posters, signs and business cards. They usually represent web page ... tags: arecodeCodesCodesUsinggary_rosenzweighowmacmost

Text Transformations and Substitutions

You can perform a variety of text transformations and substitutions using standard menu commands. For instance, you can change all of the ... tags: gary_rosenzweighowmacmostmacmost_nowmac_text_editingMac_Text_TransformationsMac_tips

Changing the Tempo Of Tracks in GarageBand 11

It is difficult to change the tempo of an individual track in GarageBand because all tracks will match the tempo of the song by default. ... tags: 11ChangingChangingGarageBandgarageband_tempto_featuresgary_rosenzweigmacmostmacmost_now

Lion OS Search Tokens

Performing quick by complex searches in the Finder and in Mail is easier in Lion because of the new search tokens feature. You can build ... tags: featuresfindgary_rosenzweighowlionLion_Search_Tokensmacmost

Using Final Cut Pro X Transitions

Learn how to use transitions in Final Cut Pro X. There are several ways to apply transitions between clips, and many ways to adjust the end ... tags: addCutcutUsingFinalgary_rosenzweighowmacmost

Time Machine Local Snapshots

A portable Mac using Lion and Time Machine creates local snapshots of new and modified files when it cannot access its TIme Machine drive. ... tags: capsulesfeatureTimegary_rosenzweighowlionLocallocal_snapshots

Understanding the Resume Feature

The Resume feature in Lion allows you to quit applications and then run them again with your windows intact. Any documents or windows you ... tags: controlFeaturegary_rosenzweighowlionmacmacmost

Backing Up Your Mac With Time Machine

Learn the basic steps to start backing up your Mac with Time Machine. Every computer user should back up his or her data on a regular ... tags: Backingbackupdrivegary_rosenzweighardhdd_backup_featuresMac