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Rouble tumbles further on oil price slide

The rouble has continued to drop in value, hitting a three year low against the dollar as it slid more than five percent in a week.The ... tags: CurrencyeconomyeuronewsfurtheroilpriceRouble

Greek parliament asked to approve further cuts

The Greek cabinet met on Tuesday to finalise details of economic reforms to be passed in parliament.The measures were the price for ... tags: approveaskedCrisiscutseuronewsfurtherGreece

Nigeria tense amid fears of further violence

Continuing violence in Nigeria's Muslim north has led to fears that the area is becoming ever more radicalised and could lead to further ... tags: amideuronewsfearsfurtherNigeriatenseviolence

Further air strikes on Tripoli as Italy warplanes agree...

Nato has launched further attacks on Tripoli following the air strike on Colonel Gaddafi's compound. State television in Libya confirmed ... tags: agreeairConflicteuronewsFurtherItalyLibya

Tepco admits further meltdowns at Fukushima

There have been further meltdowns at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, according to Tepco, the operators of the facility. The firm ... tags: admitsEnergyeuronewsFukushimafurtherJapanmeltdowns

Libya rebels braced for further attacks

Rebels in the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiyah are preparing for a ground attack by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi. The regime has been ... tags: attacksbracedCrisiseuronewsforfurtherLibya

Further concern over produce contamination

Levels of radioactive iodine twice the safe level for babies have been detected in tap water in Japan.The government is advising residents ... tags: concerncontaminationEarthquakeeuronewsFurtherJapanover

Coalition launches further air strikes over Libya

Allied warplanes have launched further air strikes on Muammar Gaddafi's forces for a fourth day, notably in western Libya. The coalitionhas ... tags: airCoalitioneuronewsfurtherlaunchesLibyaover

European leaders look to stave off further market falls

Conflicting and confused messages from Europe's policy makers have raised concerns that next week may worsen the eurozone debt crisis. ... tags: CrisiseuronewsEuropefallsfurtherleaderslook

Euro zone business activity shrinks further

The euro zone's private sector slipped further into decline in October. The latest business surveys show the bloc's economy is now in ... tags: activitybusinessClimateeconomyEuroeuronewsEurope

Libyans seek further NATO help

Libya's interim leader has urged NATO to maintain its involvement in the country until the end of the year. NATO wants to halt their ... tags: DiplomacyeuronewsfurtherhelpLibyaLibyansNATO

Scandal hit Olympus' shares plunge further

Shares of Japanese camera maker Olympus continue to plunge as more details emerge of a financial scandal dating back 20 years. The stock ... tags: corporateeuronewsfurtherhitOlympusplungeScandal