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World's Biggest Pet Dog?

Imagine owning a pet dog that was this big Although some editing work was clearly involved, it'll still make you wonder He would definitely ... tags: biggest_dogdogdog_videofunny_videoworlds_biggest_pet_dog

Two-Faced Kitten Doesn't Like Fridge Magnets!

Looks like Willow the cat isn't the biggest fan of fridge magnets He jumps right for them tags: cat_videofunny_videokitten_vs_wall_magnetstwo_face_kitten_magnets

Dog Runs Laps on Bed

Watch Funny Dog Runs Laps on Bed only on Every News. tags: Cute_DogDog_FunDog_on_BedDog_RunDog_VideoEvery_NewsFunny_Clip

A Perfectly House-Trained Cat

Kitty is a 13-year-old cat with an unusual quirk. Kitty first came into her owners life after coming out of hiding on a milk truck. Two ... tags: AnimalscatsComedyFunny_videoJoanneFitzgeraldYouTubeStoryfulViral_video

Excited Blind Kitten Wants to Play!

Quirky the blind kitten tries his best to play along with the big boys Now that's just adorable tags: blind_kitten_play_timecat_videocute_blind_kittenfunny_videoquirky

Kitten Yawning In Slow Motion

Before watching this you must be warned, you'll probably end up yawning too tags: cat_videofunny_videokitten_yawnkitten_yawningkitten_yawn_slow_motion

Kitten Wants Alone Time In Owner's Sweater!

Tom, a 4-month-old kitten, just wants some alone time inside of his owner's sweater. Must be comfortable in there tags: cat_videocute_kittenfunny_videokitten_hide_sweaterkitten_sweater

World's Smartest Puppy!

Misa Minnie is a 7-month-old in this video Yorkie puppy who just loves treats, training, and California sunshine. Judging by some of the ... tags: cute_videofunny_videosmartest_puppyworlds_smartest_puppy_minnie

Husky Dog Runs Laps on Bed!

Dogs always find a way to bring a smile to our faces Watch this adorable Husky pull off a few laps around the bed while playing with her ... tags: beddog_videofunny_videohusky_bed_laphusky_laps_bedlap

Cat Gives Dog Adorable Massage

Who said cats and dogs can't get along Watch as this caring cat gives the family dog a relaxing massage tags: cat_dogcat_dog_massagecat_gives_dog_massagecat_videodog_videofunny_video

Orangutan Asks for Some Treats!

An adorable orangutan in Bali sticks out his hand and demands a few treats Spoiler alert, he eventually gets some tags: balifunny_videoorangutanorangutangorangutan_ice_cream