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Comedian Live-Tweets Breakup

New York comedian, Kyle Ayers was trying to enjoy the view on his roof in Brooklyn when he was joined by a young couple that proceeded to ... tags: Brian_KaneBroken_News_DailyCameron_Edmondsoncomedyfunnyfunny_headlinesfunny_news

Toys Come To Life in Dinovember!

Dinovember was created last year by Kansas City parents Refe and Susan Tuma as a way to instill wonder and imagination in their young kids. ... tags: Brian_KaneBroken_News_DailyCameron_EdmondsoncomedyDinovemberDino_partyfunny

Little Girl Gets Stuck in Claw Machine

This week at an amusement park in Surrey, England, a little girl crawled up the prize chute of a claw machine. Unable to get out, the girl ...

Good Samaritan Gets Stranger Out Of Ticket

Redditor 'KidderBoots' was running late one morning, and forgot to move his car out of a 9am street sweeping zone. When he arrived at his ...

Single Entrepreneur Uses Billboards To Find Love

Wealthy businessman Gordon Engle is looking for a soul mate. How does he plan on finding her Chicago area billboards Gordon, or 'Gordy', ...

Chef vs. Critic Feud Gets Heated

A huge beef between a chef, Oliver Dunne, and a food critic, Lucinda O'Sullivan, has gotten Dunne in trouble after he tweeted a ...

Most Modern Breakup Ever?

A video posted to the seven- video service and social media platform, Vine, is going viral. In it, 19 year-old user 'Khoaliti' is being ...

Girlfriend Caught Stashing $5,000 in Her Rectum

A woman in Tennessee was arrested after she tried to steal 5,000 from her boyfriend by sticking it up her rectum. Gross. And yes, you read ...

How To Get "Ripped" Without Exercising

Have you ever wanted six-pack abs and huge pecks, but dont have time to exercise One item for sale on the Japanese version of Amazon has ...

Bar Patron Fined $500 For Drinking Human Toe

The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Canada is famous for its Sourtoe Cocktail. It involves dropping a severed human toe, that has been ...

Hilarious Dinosaur Prank

A Japanese TV show pulled off what might be the greatest prank ever. The video of a person in a dinosaur costume chasing office workers was ...