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Monique Dollin Du Fresnel - Pierre-Paul Riquet (1609-1680)

Monique Dollin Du Fresnel vous prsente son ouvrage 'Pierre-Paul Riquet 1609-1680' aux ditions Sud-Ouest. de Musique Lully - 5 - Ballet des ... tags: biographiecanaldollinfresnellibrairiemidimonique

Solar Thanksgiving Grid Free Cooking

Happy turkey day from GreenPowerScience. This entire meal was cooked entirely from using only sunlight. tags: CONCAVE FREE FRESNEL FRYER GREEN GREENPOWERSCIENCE GRID

Light in the Shadows: the Poisson Spot

The wave theory of light predicts that there should be a bright spot right in the center of the shadow of a spherical object. This sounds ... tags: diffraction fresnel mit techtv poissondiffractionfresnelmit

Fresnel lens solar cooker using TV lens

Solar cooking using my fresnel lens solar cooker made using a 2'x4' fresnel lens from a rear projection TV. I show it cook minced pork, ... tags: cone cook cooker cooking diy finder focal

FRESNEL LENS HD plus additional optical secondary magnifying glass

HD version, some people had trouble viewing the other version international. I will only keep one of the videos up. This test incorporates ... tags: FRESNEL GLASS GREEN GREENPOWERSCIENCE LENS OPTICAL POWER

FRESNEL LENS plus additional optical secondary magnifying glass

This test incorporates a ary glass lens just short of the focal point allowing most of the concentrated light from the first lens to be ... tags: FRESNEL GLASS GREEN GREENPOWERSCIENCE LENS OPTICAL POWER

Melting Cans with the Sun Solar Fresnel Lens Solar Death Ray

09/11/11 FAQ 'can you melt cans' This video illustrates the ease of melting and burning very thin metal. For some reason, a ... tags: DEATH DOLARE FRESNEL GLOBAL GREEN LENS PLANET

Solar Fresnel Lens double walled tea pitcher vacuum insulation and football season:-)

08/25/11 I had some fun with this video showing off a long overdue Christmas present. The pitchers can be purchased off ... tags: BOROSILLICATE DOUBLE FRESNEL GLASS GREENPOWERSCIENCE LENS PITCHER

Giant Water Parabola Solar Cooker 1000f where there is water there is fire slow motion popcorn

07/25/11 This is a 43' diameter water parabola lens that can reach in excess of 1000f The water lens is running at about ... tags: camera canon change climate digital electricity energy

GREENPOWERSCIENCE 380mm Flexible Solar Fresnel Lens Adhesive FREE glass adhesion

07/10/11 DIAMETER = 380mm FOCAL LENGTH=700mm or roughly 28 inches. Flexible Solar Fresnel Lens is made from a special ... tags: camera electronics FRESNEL GREENPOWERSCIENCE LENScameraelectronics

What Video Lights Should I Use? – WVU #114

Let8217s say you8217re tired of using homemade video lights or cheap lights from a home improvement store8230and you8217d like to step up ... tags: ArtsEducationflo_light_questionsfresnelledlightquestions