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Teaching a Sport Dog to "mark" or "watch" an object (part 1)

01/10/12 Fred Hassen and 20 month old 'Kohl' show some of the steps he takes in proofing a young Labrador to 'watch' or 'mark' ... tags: AKCBecome a dog trainerclassclassesDogDog Trainer SchoolDog Training

Sit Means Sit Dog Training - Sport Dog to "mark" or "watch" an object (part 3)

01/11/12 Last but not least. Part 1 can be found here Part 2 can be found here Join on Sit Means ... tags: AnimalAnimalsbusinessclassCuteDogdog training

Dog Training - Frisbee exercise, retrieve and obedience together

01/05/12 More variety of fun, multiple training things that you can get done with your dog and a frisbee. Sure beats carrying ... tags: AgilitybusinessclassclassesDog TrainingDogsEducation

Teach your dog to cross different surfaces to run straight.

01/01/12 Teaching your dog to run straight across different types of surfaces will help you in no matter what dog sport you may ... tags: AgilityAnimalAnimalsbusinessclassesDogDog Frisbee

Dog sitting squarely in hoop

12/26/11 You can also use markers such as hoops to teach the dog to turn and sit squarely from a distance as is shown in this ... tags: AgilityclassdirectionalDogDog TrainingDogsFred

Now make your agility dog hoop tunnel smaller! (Part 1)

12/23/11 Whether you are using your hoop tunnels for agility dog training, to teach your dog to run straight for hunting dog ... tags: agilityAgility Dog Trainingakcamericanbusinessclassclub

Now make your agility dog hoop tunnel smaller! (Part 2)

12/23/11 Here is another variation of combining all kinds of different things together with your frisbee and small hoops for any ... tags: agilitybestbusinessclassdogDogsEducation

Sit Means Sit Dog Training | Directional Hand Signals

12/24/11 This is just a fast drill using frisbees as the item for the dog to retrieve but you can use anything. You should try ... tags: AgilityBestbusinesscastcastingclassdirection

My 1/2 marathon run.

This video shows me Fred Hassen running in my very first half marathon. It was a lot of fun and all the people around you that are running ... tags: eventfredhassenHalfinspirationinspirationallas Vegaslas Vegas strip

Fun frisbee and agility dog training

12/07/11 it can be fun combining agility and Frisbee dog training together. The dog would have been able to catch the frisbee ... tags: AgilityCatchDogDog AgilityDogsFredfredhassen

Dog Frisbee Training - Roll your frisbees and practice obedience

12/15/11 As you can see in this dog training video, there are a lot of things that you can use your frisbees for besides the ... tags: AgilityDog AgilityDogsfetchFredfredhassenfrisbee