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How to fold a t-shirt in 5 seconds

An incredible and practical way of folding a teeshirt in less than 5 Using this method the best folders can do it in 3 This technique for ...

Man crosses Hudson River - on a bike

Judah Schiller, founder of the BayCycle project, thinks he's come up with a great way to ease city gridlock. So, he took to the Hudson ...

Must Hug Putty Cat

Full derp mode at 22 . Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: adorablebabycatfoldhugmustputty

Pat The Cat

Cat demands petting, cat gets petting. Cats are our masters. tags: albumbeingcatscutefilmfoldfunny

How To Fold Bikes

Everything you need to know to make your commute easier on the environment. Learn about portable, folding bikes, how to set up and take ... tags: bicyclecyclingfoldfolding

How To Fold Serviettes

This VideoJug film will help you learn how to fold napkins. If you follow this guide, you will learn several ways of napkin folding in no ... tags: Dutchfoldfoldingfreshnapkinnapkins

How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds - Explained

VideoJug presents a handy guide to cutting your folding time down to almost nothing This video offers an in-depth explanation into folding ... tags: clothesfoldfoldingT-shirt

How To Fold Trousers With Creases

Find out how to fold your trousers exactly how a tailor would. These simple instructions will keep your trousers looking their best and ... tags: clothescreasefoldironneatpacktailor

How To Fold Trousers Without Creases

Clive Gilkes of London tailors Richard Anderson Ltd, will show you the best way to fold trousers without creases. Wear trousers without ... tags: creasefoldRowSaviletrousers