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Cumplió 80 años 'Flash Gordon', el mítico personaje de historietas y películas

Mientras en Europa hervan los fascismos, en Estados Unidos naca el inolvidable cmic dibujado por Alex Raymond Flas Gordon.La historieta fue ... tags: 24_Horas_-_Edición_Centralcómicestados_unidosflash_gordonhistorietasPanamericana_Televisión

ComiXrayS - Coups de Coeur Comics 2013

Petite slection totalement improvise de ce que j'ai aim lire en cette anne 2013 tags: Bande_dessinéeComicsDC_ComicsDeadpoolDoctor_WhoFlash_GordonMarvel

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Video Review

Injustice provides a complex fighter with some unique twists, but is found wanting in features that have become commonplace in its ...

Pillow Fight

Flash Gordon 1980 - Pillow Fight - Dale Melody Anderson and Princess Aura Ornella Muti engage in a pillow fight but soon learn that they ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

Crashing Ming's Wedding

Flash Gordon 1980 - Crashing Ming's Wedding - Flash Sam J. Jones crash lands the war rocket Ajax, interrupting the wedding ceremony of Ming ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

Whipping Princess Aura

Flash Gordon 1980 - Whipping Princess Aura - Princess Aura Ornella Muti is whipped by Kala Mariangela Melato for information regarding the ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf


Flash Gordon 1980 - Telepathy - Flash Sam J. Jones convinces Princess Aura Ornella Muti to teach him to use the thought amplifier to ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

The Wood Beast

Flash Gordon 1980 - The Wood Beast - Prince Barin Timothy Dalton challenges Flash Sam J. Jones to a deadly ritual involving a hollow stump ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

Hawkmen vs. Ajax

Flash Gordon 1980 - Hawkmen vs. Ajax - Flash Sam J. Jones leads Vultan Brian Blessed and the Hawkmen into battle against the war rocket ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

Flash Gordon - Trailer #1

Flash Gordon 1980 - Trailer 1 - A football player Sam J. Jones and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

To the Death!

Flash Gordon 1980 - To the Death - Flash Sam J. Jones is forced to fight Prince Barin Timothy Dalton to the death, but Flash decides to ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf

Football Fight

Flash Gordon 1980 - Football Fight - Flash Sam J. Jones uses his football moves to put up a fight as they prepare to take Dale Melody ... tags: Arborian_PriestBrian_BlessedChaim_TopolColonel_of_Battle_Control_RoomDale_ArdenDeep_RoyDwarf