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Flare Videos - 4 by Popular

NASA films incredible solar flare: Video of unique sun explosion

Courtesy NASA/SDO/GOES An unusual solar flare observed by a NASA space observatory on Tuesday could cause some disruptions to satellite ... tags: dramaticeruptionflarehugemassiveNASAsolar

Amazing Video: Giant solar flare erupting from Sun surface

Courtesy NASANASA released images of a powerful solar flare that unleashed an eruption of super-heated plasma from the surface of the sun ... tags: bigdramaticeruptionflarehugemassiveNASA

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Orion Flare Gun

Wired staffers contemplate resorting to the black powder and strontium nitrate-filled Orion Flare Gun to get their coworkers' attention. tags: dangerousFlareGunMostnitrateobjectOrion

Flare Shooting Plane

a Swedish Hercules conducting a missile-defense test by shooting out flares from its bottom and sides. Looks like a giant smoke angel. ... tags: airflareghostplaneshowsilhouettesmoke

Tempers flare in Kiev council election row

A fight broke out inside the Kiev City Council building when Ukrainian opposition MPs tried to enter the chamber to demand fresh local ... tags: ElectioneuronewsflareKievpoliticsresultsTempers

Sun Emits First X-Class Solar Flare of 2013 & coronal mass ejection WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

On May 12, 2013, an X1.7-class flare and a coronal mass ejection, or CME, erupted off the upper-left side of the sun. Solar material also ... tags: coronalejectionEmitsFirstFlaremassSolar

Offensive Basketball Moves from the Perimeter

Basketball player Monty Gray demonstrates how to perform offensive basketball moves around the court perimeter, including how to get open, ... tags: BallBounceDefenseFlareFootOffensiveRecieve

Basketball Offense - Exploding to the Basket

Basketball player Monty Gray demonstrates basketball offense and exploding to the basket. tags: BallBounceDefenseFlareFootOffensiveRecieve

Basketball Offense - The Jab Step

Basketball player Monty Gray demonstrates basketball offense and the jab step. tags: BallBounceDefenseFlareFootOffensiveRecieve