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Firearms Videos - 4 by Popular

Franchi Affinity: A Nimble 3-Inch Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun

The balance and handling of the Affinity are so lively that it springs to your shoulder with the speed and determination of a ruffed grouse ... tags: firearmfirearmsgunhunthuntingreviewrifle

New Colt Competition Rifle

Colt has introduced a new competition rifle at SHOT Show this year. Check out this video for more details. tags: 2012coltcompetitionfirearmsnewrifleRifles

Rut Report: Use a Ghillie Suit to Ambush Whitetails on the Ground

How does Field Stream's whitetail columnist Scott Bestul hunt deer from the ground He uses a ghillie suit to set the ambush and strike. ... tags: Bestulbowsdeerfirearmsghilliehunthunting

1970s Ballistics Film: Gun & Firearm Forensics & Crime Scene

This film produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows FBI personnel examining the bullets from guns and firearms found at a crime ... tags: crimecriminalenforcementfbifingerprintsfirearmsguns

FBI Firearms Training Film: Shooting for Survival (1960's)

Trailer This FBI training film gives useful information to law enforcement personnel on the proper way to utilize firearms to ensure ... tags: copsenforcementfbifirearmslawpoliceshooting

Columbian Drug Lab Destruction By American Soldiers

Trailer This interesting, but poor-quality film footage shows a destroyed Columbian drug lab and the various materials used in its drug ... tags: abuseamericacocainecolombiacolumbiandrugsfirearms

Shooting & Firearms: Pistol Bullet Speed Test (1984)

Trailer This film shows side views of a pistol being fired and a man firing rifle rounds into a bullet trap. Powder residue firing shown ... tags: bulletfbifirefirearmsgunpistolsranges

Awesome Explosions! | Sons of Guns

SONS OF GUNS returns to the Discovery Channel Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 9PM e/p on Discovery. Check out some of ... tags: bangboomDiscovery Channelexplosionexplosionsfirearmsguns

Carrying Firearms in a Vehicle

Know what factors to consider when carrying a firearm in a vehicle. Pincus shows you tips and types of products that are useful when ... tags: carCarryingcarrying_firearmsFirearmsfirearm_in_vehiclegungun_holster_tips