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Video: Charles Says He's `Still Optimistic' on Bank of America: Video

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Brian Charles, an analyst at RW Pressprich Co., discusses Bank of America Corp.s fourth-quarter loss and the outlook ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Brown Says Credit Only `Good Thing' in BofA's Quarter

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Thomas Brown, chief executive officer of Curve Capital LLC and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, discusses ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Moynihan Says Bank of America's Credit Is `Cleaning Up'

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Brian Moynihan, chief executive officer of Bank of America Corp., talks about the company's fourth-quarter loss ... tags: BusinessCrisis,Earnings,EarningsCrunch,cstickersEstimates,EnglishFinance,CreditFinancing,Media

Video: Ritter Calls Morgan Stanley Earnings `Inconsistent'

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- David Ritter, an analyst at Argus Research, talks about Morgan Stanley's fourth-quarter earnings and stock ... tags: Advisers,MediaBusinessCity,NewCrisis,EnglishCrunch,cstickersExperts,New

Video: Charles Peabody Says Morgan Stanley Revenue `Impressive'

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Charles Peabody, an analyst at Portales Partners LLC, discusses Morgan Stanley's fourth-quarter profit reported today. ... tags: Advisers,MediaBusinessCity,NewCrisis,Earnings,EnglishCrunch,cstickersExperts,New

Video: Massad Says U.S. Could Make Profit on AIG Investment

Jan. 19 Bloomberg -- Tim Massad, the U.S. Treasury Department's acting assistant secretary for financial stability, talks about the ... tags: AssetsBusinessColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersDept,

Video: Tyler Says Goldman Can Be Aggressive, Boost Market Share

Jan. 19 Bloomberg -- Jason Tyler, senior vice president of portfolio management at Ariel Investments LLC, talks about Goldman Sachs Group ... tags: BusinessCompensation,FinancialCrisis,Earnings,EnglishCrunch,cstickersExperts,NewFinance,Credit

Video: Vale de Almeida Says Europe Will `Safeguard' the Euro

Jan. 14 Bloomberg -- Joo Vale de Almeida, the European Union's ambassador to the U.S., discusses the European debt crisis and BP Plc's ... tags: Acquisitions,MoneyBondBonds,GovernmentBusinessComments,GovernmentCrisis,Currencies,CurrencyCrunch,

Video: Cassidy Sees `Big Wave' of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

Jan. 14 Bloomberg -- Gerard Cassidy, analyst at RBC Capital Markets, talks about fourth quarter earnings at JPMorgan Chase Co. and the ... tags: Acquisitions,MoneyBusinessCrunch,cstickersExperts,NewFinance,CreditFinancing,Market

Video: Holland Says Financial Stocks May See `Major' Rise

Jan. 14 Bloomberg -- Michael Holland, chairman of Holland Co., discusses JPMorgan Chase Co.'s fourth-quarter profit reported today and ... tags: BusinessCards,Cards,Earnings,EarningsChargeCity,NewcstickersExperts,New

Video: Kaufman Says Auto TARP Recipients Back on `Right Track'

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Ted Kaufman, the former Democratic Senator from Delaware who chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel for the Troubled ... tags: AssetsBusinessCrisis,EnglishCrunch,cstickersDept,Finance,Credit

Video: Wilson Calls Auto Bailout Moral Hazard a `Side Effect'

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Harry Wilson, a former adviser to President Barack Obamas Auto Task Force, discusses the findings of a congressional ... tags: AssetsBusinessCrisis,EnglishCrunch,cstickersDept,Finance,Credit