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Filibuster Videos - 3 by Popular

DVD Verdict 1023 - The Friday Filibuster (We need to weaponize this!)

This week, Alice hopes Alcatraz will be a just-In Time replacement for Lost Erich will not swim in this River but he will Drive over it Mac ... tags: dvdverdictfilibusterfridayGames_HobbiespodcastTV_FilmVideo_Games

DVD Verdict 1009 - The Friday Filibuster (A scythe by any other name...)

Dave accepts an improbable mission, Mac makes a run for the border, and Erich time travels with Stephen King. Reviews of Sherlock Holmes ... tags: bestdvdfilibusterfridayfridaybusterGames_Hobbiesmovie

DVD Verdict 1014 - The Friday Filibuster (Do octopuses have one eye or two?)

Dave feels Justified by his horrific eye injury, Mac experiences Star Wars Uncut then reveals his secret life, and Erich gets Touched by ... tags: backdvdfilibusterfridayGames_Hobbiesgivensgoonies

DVD Verdict 1018 - The Friday Filibuster (Talking TV)

It's a two-man crew this week, as Dave and Erich talk Hulu Plus, NBC Thursday comedies, cable programming originals, Top 5 current and ... tags: comediesdvdfavoritefilibusterfridayGames_Hobbiesnbc

DVD Verdict 1000 - The Friday Filibuster (2011 Buster Awards)

How fitting we celebrate our 1,000th episode with the team of our very first weekly show. And what's more, it's their biggest show of the ... tags: 2011awardsbestbusterdvdfilibusterfriday

DVD Verdict 992 - The Friday Filibuster (Lay off the Figgy Pudding!)

Basking in the glow of Peter Jackson's trailer for The Hobbit and pitifully attempting to decipher Tom Hardy's Bane monologue, Mac seeks ... tags: cinematicdarkdvdfilibusterfridayGames_Hobbieshobbit

Let's Play Secret Service: The Ultimate Sacrifice| Part 04: Filibuster

Agent Pierce heads deeper into the memorial to find the remaining bombs and disarm them. Frankly I didn't now the memorial was so BIG tags: 04:AgentassassinationAssaultBlackBrosmanDay

ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad "Champion" Claiming Elizabeth Warren Started TARP Bailout

12/09/11 - In an ad so incredibly absurd and false, Karl Rove and his secret cabal of billionaires claim that they ... tags: appointmentbailoutbank executivesbanksbillionairesChampionCitizens United

DVD Verdict 982 - The Friday Filibuster (Super Committee Assemble!)

Erich acquaints himself with Being Human. Daryl finds Deadwood doesn't live up to the hype. Michael finds The Iron Lady has a heart of ... tags: ambivalencecaddyshackcastingcommunitydvdfilibusterfriday

DVD Verdict 986 - The Friday Filibuster (Little Podcast on the Prairie)

Dave and Mac return to the glory days, when it was just the two of them huddled around a roaring fire and open mic. This week's hot topics ... tags: comicsdisneydvdfilibusterfridayGames_Hobbiesmarvel

DVD Verdict 976 - The Friday Filibuster (Over the River and Through the Woods)

Mac thrills to a Wonder Woman that never was, Erich reaches puberty while reading a book, and Dave loves his Kindle. Reviews of Being Human ... tags: 2011bondcellochasechevydvdfilibuster

1-25-10 The Nicole Sandler Show w/Brent Budowsky

After the demise of Air America radio, Nicole Sandler moved her show to an earlier timeslot, and began a webcast. The new Radio or Not ... tags: brentbudowskycampaigncarefilibusterfinanceGovernment_Organizations