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Fighting Games Videos - 4 by Popular


HyperComboCast Bonus Stage #1 - Women in Fighting Games

This first Bonus Stage branches off of HyperComboCast 8 Character Design. In that episode, Nick and I spoke about the importance of ... tags: ArtsBonus_StagebooksComedycomiccomicsentertainment

HyperComboCast #13 - Changing the Game pt 1

Here comes a new challenger AlexThis week, we're showcasing fighting games that broke the mold.We talk about tons of games, including ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicsentertainmentFighting_Games

HyperComboCast #14 - Upcoming

Last week we said this was gonna be Changing the Game pt 2. Unfortunately, it's not. Instead, we're talking about some upcoming games for ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicsentertainmentFighting_Games

HyperComboCast #12 - Star Wars Fighting Games

Our shortest episode yet Kenny and Nick get KO'd by the crappiness of Star Wars fighting games, starting with...Star Wars Masters of Teras ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicsentertainmentFighting_Games

HyperComboCast #11 - Marvel, from comics to fighting games

Was Avengers in Galactic Storm the first Marvel fighting game NO It's a wonky digitized sprite affair with eight main characters and eight ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicsentertainmentFighting_Games

HyperComboCast #10 - Street Fighter... the movie... the soundtrack!

Listen along with us using this Street Fighter OST YouTube playlist as we discuss this unexpectedly strong Priority Records soundtrackIce ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicscomic_booksentertainment

HyperComboCast #9 - Storylines

Stories in fighting games Are they good, are they bad... do they even matterNick thinks DOA 2 exemplifies the best and worst of fighting ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicscomic_booksentertainment

HyperComboCast #8 - Character Design

Fighting game characters -- the good, the bad, and the weird Nick hates Abel, Kenny digs Hinako and her sumo style, and Nick loves Oro's ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicscomic_booksentertainment

HyperComboCast #7 - Keeping Up with Updates

Here comes another new challenger Kayin, creator of I Wanna Be the GuyWe're talking about fighting game updates Starting with Street ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicscomic_booksentertainment

HyperComboCast #6 - Street Fighter: The Movie... the game!!!

Here comes a new challenger ALEXKenny, Nick, and their special guest recap the arcade intro watch here it here, and Alex drops some ... tags: ArtsbooksComedycomiccomicscomic_booksentertainment

HyperComboCast #5 - DOA: Dead or Alive... the movie!

Did someone say 'SET THE AGE TO 99' It's Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, and Holly Valance in... DOA Dead or AliveSpoilers abound Kenny hits ... tags: ArtsComedycomicscomic_booksentertainmentFighting_Gamesfilm

HyperComboCast #4 - The Shadow Falls

Download HyperComboCast 4BIG ANNOUNCEMENT We're going weekly Also, Nick talks briefly about Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters.AND THEN ... tags: ArtsComedycomicscomic_booksentertainmentFighting_Gamesfilm