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Feral Videos - 3 by Popular

Ken Clarke: 'The feral underclass is growing'

The Justice Secretary points to August's riots as evidence the UK's 'feral underclass' needs to be 'diminished'. tags: clarkediminishedferaljusticekenkennethprison

Tutorials - Render Settings & Handbrake Compression

--OPEN--Thanks so much for all your continuous support I know I've already made an After Effects render settings tutorial before but this ... tags: AdobeAfterBackgroundBlakeBluBulletCinematic

How to Draw a World of Warcraft Character, Female Draenei, Step by Step

I'm sure there's lots of you artists who are fans of WoW. To embrace this, I decided to do a tut on easy to draw female Draenei. I had a ... tags: 85allianceareanbattlegroundsdraeneidraw a draeneidrawing videos

Teaming Up With Wolves: Part 1

What is the difference between the domestic dog and the wolf if both of them have been raised under the same conditions Researchers ... tags: animalsDocumentary_and_Biographydogsdomesticationferalorfpuppies

★ Battle Talks - End of the World 2012, ft. Hengest!

Hengest with the first episode of quotBattle Talksquot discusses the possibility/probability of an apocalypse in 2012.Please leave your ... tags: 2012apocalypseBattlebattlegroundCataclysmdruidend

MoP Talent Changes: Druid

Druid MoP talents Get 15 off your hood when you use code PINKPANSER at checkout My vlog channel ... tags: balancebearblizzardblueboomkincatchanges

Disc/Feral WoW 4.2.2

Nothing serious, Points team. I had some fail moments... At the time of filimg MMR was 1200. tags: ArenaDiscDKDruidFeralofPaladin

'Rats with wings': a history of the urban pigeon

Pigeons are the biblical dove of love and peace but they have become a pest in cities around the world. How did this happen and what's ... tags: feralNews_Politicspigeons