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Federal Reserve Videos - 5 by Popular

US stocks extend gains after higher open

11/21/13 Wall Street opened higher on an improvement in jobless claims data and a stronger Markit PMI manufacturing reading. Earnings from ... tags: dollarEarningseconomic_dataFederal_Reservemarketnyfpbusinesscenteroutlook

US stocks turn higher ahead of Fed minutes

11/20/13 US stocks turned higher following some mixed economic data. October retail sales beat forecasts, while home sales dipped most in ... tags: CPIdollareconomic_dataFederal_ReservemarketnyfpbusinesscenterOctober

"The Industrial Revolutions were good for employment; the tech revolution, not so much."

Alan Valdes, Chief Trader for DME Securities, discusses Monday's round numbers and the pullback that followed, and the Fed. tags: BullishCentral_BanksChinaDME_securitiesFederal_ReserveJobs_reportNYFP

Stock market is artificially inflated

11/19/13 Illustro Trading's Warren Meyers weighs in on recent equity market action and discusses whether the stock market is in a bubble. tags: deadlineeconomic_dataFederal_ReserveGovernmentmarketnyfpbusinesscenternyfpenglish

Stephen Guifoyle : correction or no correction ?

Stephen Guifoyle Economist at discusses whether the stock market is in a bubble. tags: economist_forecastFederal_ReserveFOMCGovernmentguifoyleNasdaqnyfpbusinesscenter

Wall Street eases off recent records

11/19/13 US stocks settled in negative territory after fluctuating throughout the session. JPMorgan reached a record 13 billion mortgage ... tags: bernankeBest_BuydollarECBeconomic_dataFederal_Reservemarket

"The FOMC minutes might re-ignite a little bit of a pullback."

Peter Cardillo, Chief Market Economist for Rockwell Global Capital, discusses yesterday's round number records and the recoil that ... tags: BullishECBemploymenteuro_zoneFederal_ReserveFOMCISM

Wall Street turns higher with Dow back above 16K

11/19/13 US stocks turn higher after trading on both sides of the flat line. According to reports, ECB VP Vitor Constancio said QE is ... tags: bernankeBest_BuydollarECBeconomic_dataFederal_Reservemarket

Will ECB Do QE In 2014?

Chatter has been increasing lately that the European Central Bank may enact more non-traditional measures soon following their recent ... tags: Bankof_JapanEconomic_policyEuropean_Central_BankFederal_ReserveMinyanvilles_Wall_StreetMonetary_policyQuantitative_easing

Dow ends at record high below 16K

11/18/13 The Dow and SP 500 hit new records on Monday, but settled off session highs. Wall Street pulled back as Carl Icahn warned that he ... tags: All-Timedollareconomic_dataFederal_Reservemarketnyfpbusinesscenternyfpenglish

US stocks hit new milestone

11/15/13 US equities extended gains and posted strong weekly gains. tags: appledollareconomic_dataFederal_Reservemarketnyfpbusinesscenternyfpenglish

"Round numbers become a psychological barrier."

Peter Cardillo, Chief Market Economist for Rockwell Global Capital, discusses to what extent Janet Yellen's testimony has affected the ... tags: BullishECBemploymenteuro_zoneFederal_ReserveISMJanuary