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Fight Over Dog Excrement Leaves Four Dead

A fight over dog excrement has left four dead in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, India.A fight over dog excrement has left four dead ...

Researchers Discover First Fossils of Whale Feces

Researchers in Italy have found what might be the first samples of fossilized whale feces ever discovered.Researchers in Italy have found ... tags: fecesfossilsNewsWeird_Newswhale_feceswhale_feces_discoveredwhale_feces_fossils

Fumes From Feces Kill Two in Russia

Fumes From Feces Kill 2 Cops in Russia - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.No matter how mundane of a task we are doing, a risk for ... tags: deathdeathsdiefecesfumeshusbandodd

Dog Feces Thrown In Neighborly Fight

Dog Feces Thrown In Neighborly Fight - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Ahh yes, disputes between neighbors - who hasnt had an ... tags: atdogfecesfightneighborneighborlyNews

Worm Feces Helps Scientists Determine Ancient Climate Conditions

Researchers from the University of Reading and the University of York have discovered a way to use crystals found in earthworm feces to ... tags: climateconditionsfecesNewsWeirdworm

Crafty crapper poos in university dorm shower

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation Poo was found in the showers at the male dorm in Fu Jen University. The crafty crapper dropped a load in ... tags: CatholicdormfecesFuJenprankshower

Horses Smells Its Own Poop

That's right horse. Now you know what us humans have been saying all these years about your poop. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: animalfeceshorsesownsmellsuffer