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Unfortunate Snowboard Fail

Graham Merwin was skiing in Arizona when he witnessed this event. As one snowboarder launches himself into a jump he notices another ... tags: Fail_videoGrahamMerwinYouTubeSnowSnowboardingSportStoryfulViral_video

Guy Wipes Out a Bar While Trying to Show Off!

This will probably be the last time he ever makes an appearance at that nightclub An unlucky moment tags: bar_wipe_outfail_videofunny_drunk_guyfunny_videofunny_wipe_out

Jewelry Store Owner Sends Robbers Packing

A brave store owner turns the table on these armed robbers. Luckily no one was hurt tags: extreme_videofail_videorobbers_ownedrobbers_sent_packing

Politician Eats His Own Hair!

Australian MP Gary Gray gets caught eating his own hair during David Feeney's speech in the House of Representatives. All rights to ... tags: austrlian_mp_eats_hairfail_videofunny_videogary_gray_hair

Why You Should Go to Driving School!

This dash cam footage shows us why it's best to go to driving school before getting on the road Occurred in Taiwan. tags: drive_faildriving_isnt_for_everyonefail_videofunny_video

Worst Soccer Miss Ever?

Have you ever seen a missed opportunity this bad before His teammates won't forget about that one tags: fail_videofunny_missfunny_videosoccer_missworst_miss

Man on Scooter Holds Up Tourist Bus!

Check out this clip from 'Edinburgh's Worst Drivers'. A man on a mobility scooter holds up coachload of German tourists tags: fail_videofunny_videoman_scooter_holds_up_trafficman_traffic_scooter

Golf Trick Shot Doesn't End Well!

There may have been a few alcoholic beverages consumed before this shot was taken Hopefully there's a towel around

What Are the Odds of This?

This has to be one of the most unlikely outcomes from a penalty kick you'll ever see

How a Cab Driver Removes a Drunk Passenger!

Looks like this passenger had a long night out. It definitely wasn't easy getting him out of that cab Have you had a day like this at work ...