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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [Part 4- Lanayru Desert-Lanayru Mining Facility]

Long ago, high above the clouds, there existed a floating city known as Skyloft. The people there lived peaceful lives, giving thanks to ... tags: Desert-LanayruFacilityHellfireCommsLanayruLegendMiningof

Accused Murderer Escapes From S.C. Mental Health Facility

A man accused of murdering his mother and stepfather escaped from a mental heath facility. tags: cartercrime_newsfacilityhealthjasonjason_mark_carter_escapejason_mark_carter_murders

Accused Murderer Caught After Mental Health Facility Escape

It didn't take long for police to track down Jason Mark Carter and place him under arrest. tags: cartercrime_newsfacilityhealthjasonjason_mark_carter_escapejason_mark_carter_murders

Mandela dies at 95, Bynes released from rehab

Nelson Mandela died peacefully at his Johannesburg home on Thursday December 05 after a prolonged lung infection. Twitter reactions from ... tags: andBynesdiesfacilityfromincludingMandela

Video of the day | Wining and designing

Some European vintners place great emphasis not only on wine,but also on design,with innovative architecture catching on in many of ... tags: architectureBavariaDaydesignDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Made in Germany | Nuclear Waste in Sweden - Yes Please!

For the past seven years,two Swedish towns have been competing for the right to host a high-level nuclear waste storage facility. Strange ... tags: DeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomicsfacilityGermanyInformation

Competing for nuclear waste | Video of the day

The Spanish government is on the lookout for a suitable final storage facility for nuclear waste And there's no shortage of applicants. In ... tags: DayDeutscheDW-TVfacilitynuclearSpainstorage

World's largest fermentation anaerobic digestion facility built in San Jose

The facility will process the organic waste from San Jose businesses and convert the waste to renewable energy and compost. tags: anaerobicdigestiondryfacilityfermentationGreenWaste_Recoveryrenewable_energy

Launch of Record-Breaking 29 Satellites on Minotaur I Rocket from Virginia

A record breaking 29 satellites took a ride on an American Minotaur I rocket today from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket ... tags: 29cubecubesatcubesatsfacilityflightislan

Minecraft: How to build a Stylish Piston Door Tutorial

This redstone tutorial shows you how to build a stylish sci-fi / laboratory / facility piston door. It relies on an ABBA switch and is a ...

Amanda Bynes to be Released by Christmas

Amanda Bynes is reportedly going to be released into the custody of her mother by Christmas time.