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Nasa Confirmation 2012 Pole shift

responsible people think4themselves01 infopowerment Truthers AllianceCreating New kind of Unity against ... tags: 2012AgendaAlternativealternativemediaAwarenesscelebs4truthConfirmation

Economic Hitmen - Understanding NWO Mafia Corporatism Warfare - IMF Whistleblower John Perkins

crdits video Animated interview of John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman' FREEDOM becauseuop psdn ... tags: animationbeckcapitalismcolonialismcorporationscorporatismcrisis

Scientist had a Near Death-like Experience NDE - Prepare for Consciousness eXpansion impact !

EX0MATIXTV Near Death Experience credits video Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for One ... tags: biologyBoltebrainconsciousnessDeathEX0MATRIXTVExomatrixTV

Lets Criminalize Profiteering from Wars & Dehumanization - Legalize industrial Hemp Revolution

credits video amp amp amp is not normal 20 years ago, is not normal 20 years in the future. Most 'normals' want to fit in the program, 'to ... tags: AgendaBilderbergBushcensorshipCFRcover-upcovert

Outrageous FOX Deception! - CPAC Straw Poll Footage 2011 - NWO Fears RonPaul Revolution 2012

credits video FOX NEWS CAUGHT - This just in. FOX news channel has just been caught in a blatant attempt to distort the perception of the ... tags: 2012CAUGHTcpacDECEPTIONelectionempoweringExomatrixTV

Glenn Beck eXposed! - Sophisticated Controlled Opposition - NWO Mass Media Spin Doctors!

credits video my backup people think4themselves01 infopowerment Truthers AllianceCreating New kind of Unity against ... tags: alternativemediaBeckControlledDeceptionDoctorsdocumentaryempowering

Deprogramming NWO Slaves, Shadow Elite Fear Us Accessing Our True Potential infopowerment

credits to ScootleRoyale quotSome Great Words From Great MenquotMusic by Darshan AmbientDavid Icke Bill Hicks George Carlin Alex Jones ... tags: AccessingAgendaAlternativealternativemediaAwarenessControlControversial

'Day In The Park' HD by Rob Foster 1984 Psychology vs 1776 Awareness infowars Video Contest Nominee

credits video Answer to 1984 is 1776 Contestquot -- official entry.To help counter government media propaganda assaulting the American ... tags: 17761984AbuseAlexAnswerBigBrother

'Atlantis Anomaly?' Shutdown US-Army Weapons Base Vortex Magnetic Gamma Bursts - HAARP connection?

credits video edit if I upload controversial videos, that does NOT mean that I am quotendorsingquot it, or that I suppose to see it as ... tags: AgendaAlternativeAnomalyAtlantisBaseBurstsChange

Alleged CIA-NSA Consultant Alien UFO Disclosure 2011-2012? Exopolitics Reupload from VinceDelgato!

study WARNING ALL IS FOR CONSIDERATION PURPOSE ONLY credits quothidden agendasquot of quothelpingquot the illuminati, if you can not deal ... tags: 2011-2012AgendaAlienAlternativeCIADisclosureempowering