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Get Ashlee Simpson's Dancer Body

To get her pre-baby body back, Hollywood mom Ashlee Simpson had a gym set up in her L.A. home for circuit training. Watch this video to ... tags: Agility_WorkoutAshlee_SimpsonBaby_WeightBody_FatBody_NutritionButtCalories

How Do I Know I'm Using the Right Exercise Form?

It's often the little things during an exercise that can make the biggest difference. Instead of risking joint pain or a pulled muscle, ... tags: Back_PainCorrect_FormExerciseExercise_EquipmentFitness_TipsGym_EquipmentHealth_and_Fitness

What is the Best 15-Minute Workout?

Fifteen might not seem like a lot of time, especially when it comes to burning fat and building muscles, but all it takes is four to seven, ... tags: 15_Minute_WorkoutAerobic_WorkoutCardio_WorkoutDead_LiftsExerciseExercise_EquipmentFat_Loss:_Ask_a_Trainer

What is the Best Exercise to Build Calf Muscles?

Building and toning your calf muscles is simple, but there's one thing you must keep in mind - the Achilles tendon. Watch to find out how ... tags: Achilles_TendonAerobic_WorkoutAsk_a_TrainerBuilding_Muscles:_Leg_MusclesCalf_RaiseCardio_WorkoutExercise

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

For most people looking to build muscle, you can expect to see increases in strength within the first two weeks, and then increases in ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutCardio_WorkoutExerciseExercise_EquipmentExercise_ResultsFat_LossFirst_Two_Weeks

Do You Have to Sweat to Have an Effective Workout?

Do you really have to feel those beads of sweat roll down your back to know you're getting in a good workout Watch and find out how weight ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBurning_FatCardio_WorkoutExerciseExercise_EquipmentFat_Loss:_Ask_a_TrainerFitness_Tips

The Tony Little Gazelle

Sure, this home fitness machine is simple to use and it's quiet and easy on your joints. But do you know what its biggest benefit is Watch ... tags: AbsAerobic_WorkoutAs_Seen_on_TVButtCelebrity_Trainer:_HealthCounting_CaloriesEasy_Full_Body_Workout

Shape Ups Fitness Shoes

Can a 200 pair of fitness shoes really improve blood circulation, tighten abs, and firm calf muscles, along with helping you lose weight ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutAs_Seen_on_TVCardioEasy_Full_Body_WorkoutExerciseExercise_EquipmentFirm_Calf_Muscles

The Bender Ball Ab Workout

Leslee Bender says using this little green ball to perform a variety of ab and Pilates exercises is 408 percent more effective at toning ... tags: Abdominal_ExercisesAbdominal_MusclesAb_EquipmentAb_ToningAb_WorkoutAerobic_WorkoutAs_Seen_on_TV

Can P90X Transform Your Body?

The P90X Extreme Home Workout claims to burn fat and sculpt your best body from head to toe, regardless of gender or age. It comes with a ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutAs_Seen_on_TVExerciseExercise_EquipmentFitness_ProductFull_BodyToningFull_Body_Exercise

Does the Shake Weight Work?

The Shake Weight claims to trim your arms, shape your shoulders and tone your chest in just 6 a day with the power of 'Dynamic Inertia.' ... tags: :_HealthArmToningArm_ExercisesAs_Seen_on_TVBicepsChest_ExerciseEllen_Degeneres

The Slendertone Ab Toning Belt

The Slendertone Ab Toning Belt claims to strengthen and tone your stomach by using small electrical impulses to contract your abdominal ... tags: Abdominal_ExercisesAbdominal_MusclesAb_EquipmentAb_ToningAs_Seen_on_TVBack_ProblemsCore_Exercises